Experience the adrenaline rush at the 10 top adventure places in India

Many people have travelled from far and near to India in search of spiritual enlightenment and satisfaction. People have come here to learn the art of yoga and the knowledge of the chakra to advocate a more peaceful and calm living for themselves. India is still visited by many foreigners who come here, seeking gurus, who will teach them meditation and calm their soul. However, with the change in time and pace of life, another defining feature has been added to India as a tourist destination- its adventure places. There are a lot of adventure sports being promoted and practised in various places of India, so that if one comes looking for some adrenaline rush, they would have the means. Here is a list of the 10 top adventure places in India for you to check out and learn more about what is practised where-

  • Get going in Goa: Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Its sandy beaches and blue waters couple with amazing food and drinks have always lent this place an appeal of its own. Apart from relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches, there are a number of adventure activities that you can try out over here. You can go snorkelling or scuba diving into the waters of the deep blue waters. Another major attraction of this place is paragliding on the beaches. If you want to stroll about under the waters and experience the beauty of the marine life, then go for the underwater walk. It does offer you the perfect setting for a family adventure travel. Trust us when we say, you will not run out of things to enjoy in Goa!

  • Getting jumpy in Jagdalpur: Chhattisgarh is a very popular tourist destination. However, it does not seem like a place for adventure sports does it? Well, as they say, do not judge a book by its cover! If you love heights or want to overcome your fear of heights, then you can try out bungee jumping here, at Jagdalpur.

Caution: Bungee Jumping has often turned out be a sport where people get hurt badly very often. So, make sure you really want to do this and get a proper training session before you try this out.

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  • Gearing up in Gujarat: A land of the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat is both a political hotbed as well as a famous tourist destination. Thousands are drawn to this state to delve into its regal beauty every year from almost every part of the world. Wondering what kind of adventure sport can be practised here? Well, if you love a nice bike ride then put your helmets and set your Enfield on gear to speed up through the Rann of Kutch. Enjoy a nice and speedy bike ride, enjoying the sheer beauty that the Rann of Kutch has to offer.

  • “Chilling” in Kufri: Harbour a deep knack for skiing or just want to try our hand at it once? Well, this place in Himachal Pradesh offers you an excellent option to do just that. There are quite a few places for skiing in this area. Narkanda and Mahasu of them are the most celebrated. So, pack up your bags and your skiing gear and head out to Kufri, in order to enjoy or first or your most memorable skiing experience.

Caution: It is advisable not to indulge into stunts if you are not a pro. Take it slow and it is better not to take any risks which you might end up regretting later.

  • Trekking in Jammu and Kashmir: Though politically much debated, Jammu and Kashmir is truly one of the best destinations for luxury adventure travel in India. There are numerous treks that one can take part in here like the Snow Leopard Trek, Chadar Trek, Parang La Trek, etc. One of the major attractions of the Chadar Trek is you get to cross a frozen river. Make sure you a get a timeline of when which trek is available and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Biking through the mountains: A very famous and popular biking trip is the trip to Leh. This road is a risky one and the terrain is rocky so until and unless you have a steady hand, it is not advisable to take this trip. However, if you do know how to work your bike, then this will probably be the best trip of your life!

  • Adventure in God’s own country: Kerala is truly famous for its scenic beauty. With numerous beaches and water inlets lined by coconut trees, Kerala is an ideal place to spend a calm and tranquil holiday. However, if you wish to spice it up a little, you can try parasailing over Payyambalam Beach. You can get a bird’s eye view of the entire beach while the cool sea breeze will whisper past your ears.
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  • Escapades in Madhya Pradesh: What can be more adventurous than wildlife spotting? Bandhavgarh National Park offers you the perfect opportunity and setting to get a feel of what it seemed like when rajas and maharajas went hunting (of course, you will not be hunting, just spotting). In fact, this park was at one point of time the hunting ground of the King of Rewar. If you really harbour a love for the wildlife, then you can also try out Kanha National Park. This is one of the ideal India adventure holidays.

  • Having fun at Maharashtra: Want to try out kayaking? Well, then Mumbai is your place of choice. Of all the various attractions that the city of Bollywood has to offer, kayaking is one of them. You have to go to the suburbs of Chowpatty to enjoy a kayaking experience.

  • Riding the tides in Assam: If you want to try out something more challenging than kayaking opt for river rafting. Assam’s Nameri National Park offers you the ideal setting to enjoy an exhilarating river rafting experience through the tides of the Brahmaputra River.

Adventure activities are always fun to take part in, but you have to make sure that you take enough caution as well as a precaution. If you are trying out an adventure sport for the first time, it is best not to get too carried away with it and remain alert. All in all, if you manage to keep yourself safe and cautious, there is no better adrenaline rush than adventure activities.

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