Fun Things to do in Ladakh

Trekking in ladakh
When you are going to trek in Ladakh you will need a few things which are a must for trekking. You will need trekking boots, warm socks and warm clothing which is better if they are waterproof. You will also need sunglasses and sun hat to protect yourself from the Sun and to take proper rest at night, you will be needing sleeping bags which are easier to carry around. The first aid kit is a must for any journey and you need this here too with special collection of medicines for emergencies. You will need water purification tablets for drinking water. The rest of things are available in hire in Leh.

The most popular and interesting place to trek is to Chadar – journey to a far off land that remains cut off from the main habitat for the frozen snow and the winter season is the only time you can access the place by following the trade route of the frozen river called the Zansker. The river is completely frozen and one can walk on it safely till February. The gorge is not passable in the summer months and the connectivity resumes in winter. The Chadar can be reached when you follow the route of the gorge and it is a land of Zangskari people and their lifestyle and glaciers and rivers that will enchant you in the frozen winter months.

Jeep safari in Ladakh

Jeep safari is the way one can explore the land of Ladakh and its far off remote and natural habitat. The Trans Himalayan landscape gives you option to move in a jeep and cover the rocky and elevated lands that are usually out of reach if you try following them over foot. You will get a good driving experience when you travel to Tsmori-Ri, in Nubra and it is a tough terrain to cover on jeep and you will be crossing the Khardungla pass to reach the baren lands and the remote wilderness of the highest motor able road. There are cultural people there and the desert and high altitude ravines that will make it memorable as it increases the natural beauty of the land.
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Camel safari in Ladakh

Camels are available in desert and the cold desert of Ladakh has got options to experience Camel safari in. The months of July, August and September are best ones to get to the cold mountain desert on the back of camels. The extreme cold makes it memorable experience and the hard mountainous road that is covered by the camels is beautiful for their stiking difference with our normal world. Youy can travel on th valleys to vist the Buddhist Gompa and the remote but charming Nubra village that is a fascinating spot. The terrain changes to harsh mountain roads from lush greenery of the apricot fields and the shaggy camels are double humped and are a timid breed of animals.

Motorbike tour in Ladakh

The tour of the land of Ladakh and its various ups and downs are hard to cross by walking and some motor roads are easier to travel on motorbikes. You will have an experience to follow the tracks on the bike and reach the Buddhist Gompas when you travel through the small villages in Ladakh. You must be a perfect biker to get through the narrow twisted roads at some places and the luggage can be put in a support car provided by the tour operators that help you with the new experience of biking through the rough and rocky roads at places and paved roads at other areas. Leh to Manali is a common route that many people take to travel in bike and the best time to ride is July to September.


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