Guide to Domestic Travel Insurance


Domestic Insurance: A helpline for your adventures
Did you know, you could be insured when you travel in India? Many banks and insurance agents can give you the suitable insurance for your trip. Insurance has grown as a process of protecting the people from loss and uncertainty. It is a social device to lessen the risk of loss to life and property. You must be wondering what if you fall ill in a completely new city if your flight is delayed or baggage is lost! Not to worry, domestic travel insurance always helps.

Plenty insurance companies provide you with these few benefits:

  1. The pre-trip information provides you vital up-to-date travel and health information
  2. 24×7 access to medical advice anywhere in India
  3. Settlement of medical expenses suffered during hospitalization
  4. The arrangement of all the medical needs
  5. Your lost luggage assistance and many more.

Basic physical check-ups are not covered by insurance. The websites you plan and book your deals from also provide you with insurance. And, if your trip is delayed by a flight, train or bus, some companies also give you some reimbursement for the hotel stay. If you misplace your ticket, half price is compensated by the insurance company.

Travel around India in a laid back attitude because everything is under insurance. If you are heading for a road trip, and in case, your vehicle breaks down or the public transport has failed, then too you get your part of security with domestic insurance in India. Not just an adult but a child too gets the benefit of their services. For example, you are travelling from Mumbai to Goa, and your vehicle breaks down, you can call the 24*7 customer care and inform them regarding your problem.

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Many unfortunate circumstances can occur during your journey, so why take any risk at all? Just purchase a simple and cheap insurance benefits package and travel without any hassles. You can select from a wide choice of plans online too. With things becoming so easy and handy these days, who wouldn’t want to secure their life?

Before the earthquake broke down Nepal, several travellers went for a trip there. In such conditions, insurance can be a backbone to you. It doesn’t just protect against risks and uncertainties, but it also can be a helping hand for your family in case of death as the legal heir of the person will get the insured amount. We always have a fear of loss and with the help of some materialistic safety; we know we are going to be helped. Whether an incident happens in water, air, land, all your distresses will be covered by the domestic travel insurance. So, now you can travel around India in the most relaxed and chilled way possible.

Insurance brings economic growth too. Large funds are collected in the way of premiums. They are used in the development of the country, and it also increases employment. For bikers and car racers, these insurances help in a big way. If you are a frequent traveller and love road trips, you should consider having insurance so that you can get your perks in your bad trips too. If nothing then at least a sense of safekeeping is always there. Domestic insurance in India is an important need for youngsters too. Since, they are the ones who travel around India the most.

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Once you’ve finished reading this article, I am sure you will start searching the net for a voyage. But remember to plan a trip with precaution, and don’t forget to take your insurance service for your domestic holiday. Explore India in the most harmless and sheltered way.


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  1. Superb stuff. It is useful for all those looking for travel insurance like me.

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