Gushaini- the nature’s paradise

Nature offers a retreat to the stressful eyes and bogged down mind. There is something peculiar about nature that cannot be comprehended and but can be best experienced by nature lovers. The verdant landscape, greenery gives you a reason to smile and lets you take up life challenges in a confident way. One of the best destinations to visit this summer vacation is Gushaini, situated at the Tirthan valley in Kullu district. It is an idle place for the adventure enthusiast. Starting from the trekking expedition to water sports activities to jungle safari, the destination is truly nature’s paradise.

Shringi Rishi Temple- The temple reflects Himachali architecture and is one of the oldest temples of Himachal Pradesh. The temple can calm your inner instincts and let you take life as it. This is where you come to seek blessings and give your life in control of God when you can’t take things more. Located amidst mountains, this temple has a beauty of its own and it cannot be told in words. You should visit the temple if you are spiritual and if you want to taste the flavor of Incredible India. This is the place where the ancient sages were worshipped and where you can experience some magic powers. The temple lends a powerful effect on your mind. Visit the temple to understand the realm of spirituality.

Chehni Kothi- This is a grand architectural paradise situated at a few miles from Gushaini. This wonder came into the life 1500 years ago and was constructed by the then Himalayan King called as Raja Dadhiya and its magnificence still remains intact. A look inside the mahal gives you the impression of the traditional building structure with integrated with the advanced technology of that era. The earthquake in 1905 damaged the mahal and there are a few remnants left from this 10-story structure. Despite the Kothi lies in a dilapidated condition, but it speaks volumes of architecture and art at that time. In order to, access the kothi you need to climb through the wooden logs that look similar to staircase of that era. The tourists are recommended to read the signboards carefully. The mansion had 15 stories but only 10 are left now.

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Himalayan National Park– The park accommodates a variety of flora and fauna. Here, the tourists can witness more than 375 species of fauna which includes rare mammals, insects, reptiles, birds, and much more, the snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows with an overdose of fauna gives a nature lover a reason to visit here. Apart from that, here the tourists can discover a variety of rare animals like Himalayan Goral, Leopard, Snow Leopard etc. The place remains inaccessible during the rainfall and winter season. Therefore, the best time to visit this park is between October- November or from April- June. There are several rest houses located near to the park or you can

During the monsoons and winters, this area receives heavy rains and snowfall and most roads become inaccessible. Therefore, April to June and October-November are the best times to visit. Otherwise, you can head towards Kullu for the best accommodation.

Bhuntar– The destination is enveloped in between Beas and Parbati river and is popularly known as the gateway to the hulls. The place accommodates various famous temples like Jagannath Temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari and there is one more temple that is highly revered by the local tourists Bijli Mahadev Temple the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is another national park that is located at its close vicinity Pin Valley National Park- the park has several rare animals to see for. Aside from that, the tourists can indulge in adventurous sports activities too like water rafting.

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