Places to Visit near Delhi

There are a number of tourist and picnic places to visit near Delhi. In our daily lives we are constantly prone to stress, emotional unrest and the lack of a peace of mind. The hectic working life and the constant commitments we are forced to oblige to drives us into a frantic frenzy. Even when we think about holidays we plan to go somewhere close with the family, of course being with family on a holiday helps us leave behind some of the stress and tension we deal with on a daily basis, however having holidays in the same type of environments doesn’t really qualify as a real holiday. A true holiday requires you to get away from the norms of your life and escape into somewhere completely different.

If you were to find the urge to need to go somewhere completely different for a holiday, India would be your location of choice. Seeing that Delhi is the National capital territory of India, you would more than likely find yourself there if you were to ever decide to have a holiday at India. Hence we will be looking at 8 places you could visit near Delhi while you are there.


First off on our list of places to visit near Delhi is the ancient historical town of Neemrana. Located just a mere 122 kilometers away from New Delhi, you will find a charming little town with a lot of history. At this town you will find a 14th century hill fort which has been converted into a heritage hotel after being sold to the hotel group, Neemrana Hotels. Nevertheless Neemrana still has much to offer any person whom values history as a little distance away from Neemrana is another fort in the Alwar district known as Kesroli, which will be covered next on our list.

Similar to Neemrana, the hill fort of Kesroli has also been taken over by Neemrana hotels group and has also been converted into a heritage hotel. The hill fort at Kesroli however is better preserved with a nice set of turrets, ramparts and even arched verandahs, all of which makes the hill fort of Kesroli one of the best heritage hotels in all of India.

Tilyar Lake

Next up on our list is a major tourist spot and you should be familiar with it if you had ever searching for information on India, Tilyar Lake. Located a short distance of 70 kilometers away from New Delhi, the lake spans proudly across a 132-acre of area. Asides from the fact that it is beautiful, the tranquility of the spacious lawns and the relaxing scenery will make for a perfect getaway spot for any person whom is tired of the cramped up lifestyle of the city.

Badhkal Lake
Next we will continue on with another lake known as Badhkhal Lake, which is located at the Faridabad district of Haryana. The lake itself is at Badhkal village which is just a mere 8 kilometers away from the border of Delhi. The lake is beautifully designed by man made efforts and is fringed by the Aravalli hills. The lake is a very popular picnic spot due to its vast amounts of greenery. If you had ever imagined what an endless meadow would look like the area around Badhkal Lake will be the ideal spot for you to view this. The lake also offers services such as boating to tourists making the lake a very fun place to spend time at.

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From one amazing lake we move on to another, Surajkund is located a mere 1.2 miles away from an ancient dam, which existence dates all the way back to the 8th century, known as the Anagpur Dam. The literal translation of Surajkund would mean “Lake of the Sun”.

To the Western side of the lake you will find a Sun temple which was said to have been built by the Tomar king Surajpal of the Tomar dynasty back all the way during the 10th century. The reservoir was constructed and designed to imitate the shape of a rising sun with an arc which bends eastwards. At the embankment within the reservoir was made in a semi-circular shape formed out of multiple stepped stones. Rain fall which is caught here will be used to create the reservoir of 130 meters. To the south of Surajkund you will also find a natural spring called Siddha-Kund which is a popularly visited spot by Pilgrims.

Mud Fort of Kuchesar

Transitioning from the lakes we’ll move on to more historical goodness in the areas near Delhi. Now we will go to a village called Kuchesar which is located in the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, which is just a short way of 80 kilometers away from Delhi. History states that the mud fort was built back in the mid eighteenth century by the rulers of Kuchesar at that time, all of whom originated from Mandoti in Haryana, known as the Jat rulers. Upon inspection of the mud fort you will still be able to tell the story of how the Jats united with the Sikhs, Marathas, Rohillas & Rajputs, as well as with French adventurers and the British East India Company, in order to pick up the pieces left behind after the fall of the Mughal empire.

Panipat is the ancient city which is famous all over India as the “city of Weaver”. Located just 90 kilometers away from Delhi, the city of Panipat holds much history as the three battles of Panipat which was fought here changed the history of India forever. The Panipat museum is well renowned for its collection of antique arts and crafts. The museum also explains the rich cultural heritage of the land. The Devi temple in Panipat serves as an ideal place for the pilgrims. Panipat attracts the history buffs from all over the country.

Sohna Hills
Sohna Hills is located in Haryana and is approximately 60 kms in distance from Delhi. It lies on the top of Aravali hills and is few minutes of drive from the very famous Damdama Lake. ‘Sohna’ is a hindi word that means gold. The place has got its name from its sand from which gold was collected in ancient times. A morning in Sohna Hill starts with sweet call of peacocks and chime of temple bells from the Sohna town, a perfect sound to wake you for a wonderful day ahead. Sohna Hill is a perfect resort for a mini holiday or a small getaway from the stressful and havoc city life in the lap of nature for a picturesque and panoramic view of the hills, greenery, and a water body. It is known for its sulphur springs that are very rich in medicinal properties. There is a facility of sap, sauna and steam bath, swimming pool for the tourists. The place is far away from the pollution zone and high rise buildings and congestion of the city life and thus provides ultimate silence and peace of mind.

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Damadama Lake
Damadama Lake is an enthralling picnic spot near Delhi in Gurgaon to spend an entire day leisurely in the lap of nature with family and friends. This oasis of peace is an weekend gateway near Delhi that takes you away from the hustles and bustles of the city life of Delhi. It is a long-lasting experience to relax in the serene environment of lush green landscape at the closest natural lake to Delhi. The place looks awesomely beautiful in the monsoons when water of the lake rises to 50-60 feet and the whole place looks like a heavenly body surrounded by a green carpet of grass. restore energy, relax, rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and soul in the lap of nature around a water body where one can enjoy walking leisurely with your soul-mate, treat eyes while boating and participate in the adventure activities like hot air ballooning, angling, kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, para sailing trekking and camping.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, located 50 kilometers off Delhi, is a haven to a variety of domestic and migratory birds. This sanctuary has been modeled on the famous Bharatpur bird sanctuary that is just 100 kilometers. Artificial mounds have been put and then turned into a green glade. The marsh has been converted into water bodies. Birds have fallen into the mirage. This artificial sanctuary attracts birds in thousands and the number is increasing with every passing year. Winter brings in birds from as far as Siberia. The most famous among these is Arctic Turn. Geese from Europe join them. The fauna includes Darters, Egrets, Arctic Turns, Gadwall, Teals and Kingfishers among others. Over 100 species have been identified here till now and the number is increasing day by day.

Ballabgarh is a small village and earlier a princely town in Faridabad, Haryana State that lies 36 km from Delhi along the Delhi-Mathura road and was once ruled by the Jaat Kings who also constructed a beautiful Fort and Palace around 1739 and ruled over 101 villages. King Nahar Singh who ruled between 1823 and 1858 is highly regarded for his valour and bravery after he was martyred in the 1857-1858 battle for Independence of India.

Heritage village Resort Manesar
Heritage villages are situated at a distance of 50km from Delhi. This resort is made like the olden time Rajasthani Havelli style and gives the feel of living a king size life. The rooms are made in such style that one actually feels like he is spending the holiday at some palace. Big acres of lawns provide with games like lawn tennis and also a swimming pool. There are indoor games like the billiards, teble tennis etc. The restaurant here serves mouth watering multi-cuisine dishes.The architecture of this palatial resort is breath taking. It is so far the best and the nearest weekend stop near Delhi for fun and relaxation.

Camp Wild is situated at Dhauj near Mangar Village in Faridabad District, Haryana. At Dhauj one can see ancient remains of Aravali Hills, after centuries of erosion, are hard granite rocks ideal for rock climbing & related sports. Aravali hills at Dhauj are favorite place of rock climbers. The valley at Dhauj offers a beautiful combination of rural farm life and a wild ambience for adventure experience. At Dhauj there are 67 species of birds spotted near Camp Wild.

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Golden Huts Resort
Golden Huts resort is situated near 82 kms milestone on Jaipur Delhi highway near Rewari / Dharuhera, Golden huts resort is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi because it is located in the lap of the aravali hills, Golden Huts resort is situated in beautifully landscaped, friendly atmosphere. Golden Huts resort is spread in Five and half acres of area.Golden huts Gurgaon / Rewari has three lush green lawns having sitting capacity of 250, 450, 750 pax in mock sitting capacity respectively. Having capacity of 50 in” U” shape , and 100 Theater style


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