Hill stations near Mumbai

There are many interesting hill stations near Mumbai. Area around Mumbai is known worldwide for its colorful culture and breathtaking sceneries. It is truly an adventure all by itself just by visiting. In light of that we will look at a couple of hill stations you could visit during your trip there.

The name of the station was inspired by the name of the five hills which surround the station. The Panchgani is known for being the home to many old British buildings and Parish houses. The place however is more famous for its multiple amounts of educational institutes. The station has well over twenty boarding schools being lodged in its vicinity. The famous tourist spots are the Table land, which is a flat expanse of laterite rock and is the second largest mountain plateau in Asia. You can see spacious caves from here, including Devils Kitchen, located to the south of the Table land. Then there is the Sydney Point from where you can see the waters of Dhom Dam. This point is situated on a hillock facing the Krishna Valley.


The Amboli station is located in Maharashtra and has is a high altitude station with an altitude of 690 m above sea level. This high altitude level of the station also allows visitors a good bird’s-eye view if the Konkan coast.The station is covered in a blanket of dense forests and steep mountains. The station was brought into existence by a British political agent known as Colonel Westrop. With a rain count of well over 75p centimeters of rain fall per year, the Amboli station is one of the wettest places in Maharashtra. Albeit that high downpour annually. The Amboli station has a surprisingly cool and invigorating climate which is a welcoming respite during the summer.


Matheran is a station which is well known for having a very lush green landscape. This station is one of the only pollution free zone’s you can find in India. As a pollution free zone, the hill station is void of any petrol vehicles and the forest around it is a completely reserved nature protection zone. attractions are Panorama Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point- for sunset, Louisa Point, One-Tree hill Point, Alexander Point, Charlotte Lake, Pisharnath Temple
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The Jawahar hill station is located in the thane district located in Maharashtra. The hill station is blessed with very thick and rich forests as well as a notably soothing climate. If you were to compare the Jawahar hill station with the other hill stations in Mahashtra on our list you will find that the Jawahar hill station offers an experience which is completely different than any other hill stations found in Mahashtra. Unlike the other stations, the Jawahar hill station is popular for its art in the form of Warli paintings. The Jawahar hill stationalso allows tourists to visit Jai Vilas, which is the palace of the tribal lords which offers tourists a unique opportunity to be exposed and to gain more knowledge on the tribal way of life. Other places of interest near the Jawahar hill station are the Dadar Kopra Falls, Sunset points as well as Hanuman temple.

The Lavasa hill station can be found cradled safely in the Sahyadri Mountains. The Lavasa hill station is probably one of the most beautiful hill stations on our list. The hill station is the perfect blend of traditional life with the modern lifestyles of today. This hill station is well known for providing memorable experiences, and elevates visitors to a whole new level of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Mahabaleshwar lies on the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra state. Located at an altitude of 1372 meters it overlooks the Krishna and Koyna valleys. Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular hill stations close to Mumbai. Quiet lakes, hills and waterfalls make it a scenic spot attracting holiday crowds needing a change of scene. Temples and historical sites offer sightseeing opportunities and leisure activities include fishing, boating and trekking. Popular sightseeing includes the Lingmala Waterfall, Dhobi Waterfall and Chinaman’s Waterfall. Connaught Peak or the Mount Olympia and Echo Point are other places of tourist interest. Venna Lake is a 2.5 km long body of water with boating facilities and horse riding around the periphery. Wilson point is the highest point of Mahabaleshwar and has three observation towers offering a splendid view especially at sunrise. Other points like Elphinstone Point, Babington Point, Kate’s Point and Arthur’s Point also offer splendid views.

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Bhandardhara is a beautiful and quiet picnic spot where you would love to go to spend some quiet days away from the din and bustle of city life. Bhandardhara is only 185 km from Mumbai. The nearest railway station is at Igatpuri, 45 km away. You can easily come here by car. Here you will find a lake called Arhur Lake and the beauty of the lake is set off by the extremely beautiful forest. Simply sit by the side of the lake and you will see how quickly time flows by. Among other attractions there is also a 45 m high Randha Falls. At a height of 150 m, you will find a dam called the Wilson Dam. Mt Kalsubai is the highest peak of the region and you can see the snow capped peak from Bhandardhara.

Lonavala and Khandala
The twin hill resorts of Khandala and Lonavala have a special attraction for the Mumbai crowd seeking a convenient weekend holiday in the hills. A mere 3 hours by road from Mumbai, beautifully landscaped Lonavala and Khandala are famous for their seemingly innumerable varieties of chikki. But they also offer many sites worth visiting. Trekking is a good way to get around, but having a vehicle (even a bicycle) is still better, as some points of interest are quite some distance from the main towns. Other attractions: Bhushi Dam, Valvan Dam, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Hospital, Duke’s Nose, Ryewood Park, Tiger’s Leap.


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