Dalhousie is in Himachal Pradesh and if you love nature, you can plan your Honeymoon in Dalhousie in the midst of mountains and lush greenery. There are pine covered mountains that can be found with wooden bungalows and a backdrop of the colonial past in the buildings and the serene environment of the area. There are a few churches that are the mute spectators from the Easter years and they are St. Patrick’s Church, St. John’s Church and St. Francis’ church. The pine trees and the dewy forest path is ideal for honeymoon couple to walk on in the evenings.

There are trekking for couples who would be a little more adventurous. The Honeymoon in Dalhousiecan be marked with rock climbing with the groups who are of similar dventorous minded. The Dalhousie hills, Panpulla, Kalatop and Maklodgunge and other such different attractions for tourists. Satadhara is a spot of seven sparkling springs with sweet tasting water. The Bakrota hills and the Dhainkund gives you a crystal clear view of the valleys around you and the experience of looking at the valleys give a new dimension to the area around you. The best time is from April to June and again in September to October and since it is cool in summer and very cold in winter, you need to pack your luggage accordingly.

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