The wheat fields at both sides of the road guide you to reach the Beas valley where Manali is situated. This is also named the Valley of Gods and you can be the most romantic type if you are planning Honeymoon in Manali. There are activities like para gliding, snow bike riding, skiing and kayaking for tourists and this can add to the various new ways of enjoying the stay in Manali.There is the river Parvati and its surrounding that will take your breath away. The soft sands with the greenery and small huts can be the place to stay with your spouse and participate in the feast for your eyes only.

There are the different mountain peaks that you can visit while you are in for Honeymoon in Manaliand the Shojapeak can be the right choice for trekking and viewing the town, horse riding with your partner and taking in the beauty of the mountains. The streams, forest and trees are for you to enjoy together.

Raison is the spot for camping and enjoying the nature in its purest form. The Honeymoon in Manalican be enjoyed by special visit to the Raghunath temple and Shringi Rishi temple. The Rohtang pass towards Leh can be a secret way to win your spouse for you will need to pass through snow covered mountain paths. Watch the golden sunset and take part in Para gliding experience. There are few monasteries that can take to your imagination.

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