Malabar hill is situated in the southern Mumbai in India and is one of the best residential areas. The hills have a range of almost 50 mts and in the entire south Mumbai it has the greatest altitude. Malabar Hill is a must-see place in Mumbai. Some of the famous […]

Jhansi is a small village in Madhya Pradesh and deserves importance mainly because of its golden marks in the pages of history. The bravery of the intrepid leader Rani Lakshmi Bai makes this place popular, and therefore, it is currently visited by large numbers of people. There are also many […]

Jodhpur is a beautiful city, which is referred to as “Blue City”. There are plenty of forts and palaces spread throughout the city, and if you are in Jodhpur, there will be no dearth of things for you to do here. Therefore, you should look for an opportunity to visit […]