Jubilee Park is located in the city of Jamshedpur and it is the center of attraction for the entire tourist. It comprises of 237.55 acres of area and it is given to the natives of the Jamshedpur. It was given on the completion of 50 years of the Tata Steel Company as a remarkable era in 1958. The famous architects, Mr. B.S. Nirody and Mr. G. H. Krumbiegel, had designed the Jubilee Park of Jamshedpur.

The mogul garden is made by following the lines of the Brindavan garden which is situated in Mysore. There are variety of roses of different sizes and shapes. The colorful fountains are the centre of attraction of the Jubille Park and it is located in the midst of the huge park.

If you visit the park, you can find various rides that are made especially for the children. It is the best place for recreation and it is known commonly as Nicco Park.

This is the best place to spend Sunday evening with friends and families. There are many other tourist attractions present in the jubilee park. These are – foliage park, Tata Steel Zoological Garden, Jalangi Samovar and Smite Dayan. The Upavan is one of the most popular picnic spots that are located within this Jubilee Park. Transportation to this place is easily available as it is situated in the midst of the city.

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