It’s all about tranquillity at famous beaches in Kerala India

At times our mind becomes cluttered with daily problems and stress. Thanks to the system that we currently live in, we are constantly under pressure to perform and perfect ourselves. This becomes rather exhausting as well as demanding both to our mind as well the body. This is precisely why we need to take breaks from time to time so that we get an opportunity to unwind, relax completely for a few days and then again go back to daily life with fresh vigour and new energy. In fact, if we take breaks from time to time, our productivity increases on the professional front. However, when you want to relax, you need a calm and tranquil atmosphere. It is important to know the right kind of place for taking a break, which will help you to relax. There is no point in heading out to crowded tourist spots if you want to calm yourself for a few days. Blue waters, sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees – check out some of the famous beaches in Kerala India, which make the perfect destination when you need a break. Kerala is one of the most scenic places in India, definitely being one of the most favoured attractions of South India. Known for its beaches, Kerala does make the perfect place to visit when on a holiday to unwind.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the ideal beaches in Kerala to relax at:

Chilling out at Bekal

This beach is one of the calmest and tranquil beaches of Kerala. Situated in Kasargod, the major attraction of this beach is the view one gets from here of the Bekal Fort. Being the largest fort of Kerala, it naturally draws some name for itself as well. The beauty of this beach is the water, laced with white foams that gently touch upon the shoreline. You can enjoy a peaceful walk along the beach or you can just sit quietly, with a book in hand and pass away your time in leisure. There is a wonderful surprise on the northern side of the beach. If you walk up to there, you will find backwaters, the thing that Kerala is most known for. It really makes the perfect place to hang out when you want to take some time off.

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Taking it slow at Alappuzha

Love it when the sun disappears slowly at the horizon? If witnessing a breathtaking sunset is your priority, then this is the beach for you. Though it happens to be quite a popular beach, implying that it is generally crowded, there is the reason for its popularity, which you probably won’t want to miss. Alappuzha is perhaps the most beautiful of all the famous beaches in Kerala India. The palm trees bordering the beach add to the beauty of the place. It is indeed the perfect place for enjoying a soothing sunset.

Serenity at Chavakkad

This is another calm beach, which is known for its tranquillity. If you wish to unwind by yourself, this is the beach you want to visit. It is located in the district of Thrissur and the scenic beauty of this beach is captivating. This beach too boasts of an estuary and you get to witness the merging of rivers with the seas.

Hanging out at Beypore

If you want to enjoy a nice time with your friends and family, then this is the beach to hang out at. If you are on your honeymoon or you are with your spouse, don’t give this beach in Kozhikode a miss. The glittering sand and blue waters ooze out a homeliness, which makes it the ideal place for a nice and cosy chat.

The charming Chowara

Located close to around 10kms away from Kovalam, this is another beach, which gives you the perfect opportunity to escape from the pandemonium of the city. The village Chowara is from where this beach derives its name. This is the perfect beach for some fresh air and meditation.

The seashells of Cherai

Though is one of the crowded beaches of Chennai, the multicoloured seashells that one comes across here make it worth paying a visit. It is another one of the most magnificent beaches and the water being gentle makes it ideal for swimming. This is really the best place to spend time at if you are on a vacation with your family.

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The unexplored Kanwatheertha

Located just a few kilometres away from Manjeshwar, this beach is Kerala’s pride. This is yet to be explored and hence, no chattering crowds are found here. The atmosphere here is almost meditative, and it is the ideal place for contemplation and procrastination. Known as the virgin territory, this beach truly helps one to connect with one’s inner self.

Double effect at Kizhunna

Kizhunna or Kizhunna Ezhara is a twin beach. White foaming waters and clear sands marked with coconut trees define this beach. Like most of the beaches, these beaches remain calm throughout the year. Enjoy a good spa session or massage when you are visiting this beach, to relax your mind and loosen your tendons.

Enjoy a quiet time at Kappil

This cut-off beach is one of the most tranquil beaches of Kerala. It is located in the district of Thiruvananthapuram, and this is the place where you can enjoy the raw beauty of nature. However, if you want to soak in all the charm of this place, make sure to do it soon since commercialization has already hit the shores here, and hence, it will not be long before people start heading out to this beach, in large numbers.

Relaxing at Kolavi Palam

Another one, of the less crowded and serene beaches, is the Kolavi Palam in Payyoli. It is ideal for spending some quiet time and doing some introspection. When in Kerala, this beach is a must visit for all relaxing.

Most of the beaches in Kerala are less crowded and calmer than the beaches in other parts of India. This list of the famous beaches in Kerala India will give you an idea of the beaches that you should never give a miss if you want to enjoy the true beauty of Kerala.

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