Jatinga Assam

Jatinga Assam is a village that is situated in the district of Dima Hasao which is in the state of Assam. From Guwahati it is located at a distance of 330 km. This place is known for the suicide of birds. Birds do not commit suicide and they are simply killed but the phenomenon of the birds committing suicide is well-spread among the people of the locals. Normally a less number of people dwell in this area. According to the Assam Government the appox population in this area is 2500. The people are generally tribals and some of them are also Dimasa people.

At the end of the season of monsoon especially when it is a foggy and dark night between 6 to 9.30 am the local people disturbed the birds and attracted them to bright lights. The high ray of light dazed the birds and the people captured them by using long bamboo poles. The tribal think the birds as spirit and who are present to frighten them. This phenomenon is not limited to the birds but they also affect the little egret, Indian pitta, kingfishers, tiger bittern and black bittern. The phenomenon has been changed later on with the help of famous zoological surveyor Dr Sudhir Segupta along with many others.


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