With summer season around the corner, there is no better place than to escape yourself in the verdant valleys and hills of Himachal Pradesh. Malana is one such sightseeing spot that offers a retreat to your tired eyes and freshens you up.  In this article, we have mentioned the sightseeing destinations that are worth the visit.

Malana, is an ancient village situated amidst the high mountains of Himachal Pradesh. The place is a popular destination among the hipsters. The location is enveloped by verdant greenery, trees and valleys, making it an ideal tourist destination for the people who love nature. The surrounding villages that are situated on the north-east is Parvati valley and Kullu valley and other side of this village are surrounded by peaks like Chandrakhani and Deotibba that reflects Indian culture and tradition to its best.

What you can do in Malana?

As told, Malana is a picturesque beauty known for its local beauty and towering peaks, this makes it an ideal destination for trekking. Here are some activities that you can indulge in.

Chandrakhani Pass– It is situated at the height of 36660 m, the destination proves to be an astounding trek experience in the Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Starting from the beautiful Naggar settlement, which is at a distance of 21 km, the trail ends at the pass that is known for its beauty and appeal. During the trekking, you can enjoy natural and scenic views of different mountains.

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Trekking to Kasol– This is an ecstatic trek and is a hot favorite among the tourists. The three-day package to this destination lets you to meander to different tourist destinations around Himachal Pradesh.  Here, you can view the Parvathi valley and mingle among local people in Kasol.

Trekking and camping in Malana-Malana is an ideal travel destination known for upbeat adventure and through this trip you can unravel the hidden beauty of this village. This trip will provide you a sneak peek on stunning beauty of Malana and its locale lifestyle.

Trek to Weichen village– You can indulge in this trekking expedition and get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of this region. The majestic beauty of this valley can be easily captured through this trekking. In the way, you will come to know the village Weichen village, which is situated around 12 kms away. During this trekking expedition, you will also cross a glacier which is located 1.5 kms away.

Jeep safari– If you are looking for some adventurous activity, jeep safari is the best. The jeep safari will take to you to nature trails of this mesmerizing village. You can feel relaxed in the beauty of nature and take a deep breath.

Cannabis farming- The place is famous for cannabis fields. It grows one of the best weeds in India and is popularly known for Malana cream, a popular Cannabish which has a high amount of oil and is highly popular for its aroma. Do you know malana cream is one of the mostly cannabis hashish in Amsterdam?

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Temples- Apart from that, the place is filled with different people for devoted spirituality with a difference that the tourists are not allowed to enter into the temples because villagers consider themselves as superior from the outsiders. This could also be done to maintain their secrecy and tradition.

Another popular fact about the village is, these people consider themselves as the descendants of Alexander the Great and their local court system reflects so.  It is believed that soldiers took their rescue here after getting bruised in a war against the ruler of Punjab, Porus.


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