Morni hills and Tikkar taal

Morni hills are situated in the village of Morni and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Haryana. It is located in the Panchkula district in the state of Haryana. It has a total distance of 42 kms from the Chandigarh state and is well-known for its Himalayan views, lakes and flora as well. The name of the hills was believed to be the name of the queen who ruled the areas several years ago.

There is a old fort there known as Morni fort. The fort finds a mention in the correspondence of British officers at the time of the Gurkha Wars 1814-1816. The Morni hills are the offshoot of the Shivalik range that is located in Himalayas. Both these ranges run parallel to each other.

The Morni village lies 4000 feet above the sea level and on the side of the mountains. Two lakes are also situated beside the Morni hills. The highest hills are 550 mts and the smaller one is 460 mts above from sea level.

The two lakes are divided by a hill and due to the presence of a hidden channel the level of water in both the lake remain same. The local people of the Morni village worship these lakes and consider them to be sacred ones. The hills of Morni have three man made small lakes called Bada Tikkar, Tikkar Taal and Chota Tikkar. The hills are fully covered with pine trees and are well known for trekking locations. Tree houses, Ghost House, Maze, Boating, relaxing place etc. make the park a complete stress buster.
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