Ooty Hill Station – ooty travel guide

Ooty Hill Station- ooty travel guide

A great retreat during the summer months with breathtaking views and plenty of plantations producing a wide variety of plants and fruits ranging from peaches and plums to orchids is the Ooty Hill Station.

This station is located in the southern portion of India and features some amazing views as well as great smells as a result of the many plantations in the area. At an altitude right in around 2,200 meters above sea level and only 105 kilometers from Coimbatore, the Ooty Hill Station is a great place to spend the weekend away from all the hustle and bustle of urban life.

There are a great number of English gentlemen who call Ooty Hill Station home and for this reason there are a great number of British styled establishments in and around the town. You can find anything here from chocolate, to cigars and cheese thanks to the British influence. Most of all, if you are a sports enthusiast, you might enjoy catching any one of the many derbies and hunts which as held annually.

Ooty Hill Station is also called the Queen of Hill Stations due to its many resorts that dot the landside. The town is also the capital of the Nilgiri district that received its name 800 years ago during the King of the Hoysalas rule. Furthermore, history of the region dates back as far as 1100 A.D. In 1799, the region fell under the control of the East India Trading Company and by 1819, John Sullivan moved to Ooty Hill and built a bungalow. Since that time, the region has been a common place for the English as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

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There are a number of interesting places to see at Ooty Hill Station. For starters you can check out the many plantations in the area, or simply check out the botanical gardens which covers a 22 acre area and has been up and running since 1847. The main attraction at the botanical gardens is a 20 million year old fossilized tree trunk which is kept preserved in the gardens.

You may also opt to check out anyone of the many lakes in the region as well as various gardens or just settle for a trip through the Mukkurthi Peak & National Park which is only a 40 kilometer trip from Ooty Hill Station. If you are into nature you could also stop by and check out the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary which covers a vast 321 square kilometers of land.

Regardless of your passions, you are almost guaranteed to be able to keep yourself occupied at Ooty Hill Station and you may not want to leave when it is time to go home.


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