Pithoragarh perched at an altitude of about 1,650 m above sea level. The lusting green mountain ranges and the panoramic view of the downhill landscapes make this town a hot spot for tourists. This is an ideal place for those searching for natural beauty and adventure. This is the eastern-most hilly district of Uttarakhand. It is also called the mini Kashmir. Pithoragarh borders with Nepal on the eastern side and Tibet on the northern side. The north end of Pithoragarh is less populated, it is also embellished with several lofty snow covered mountain peaks such as Nanda Devi (east and west), Nandakhat, Trishul, Panchchuli, Rajrambha and many more. District pithoragarh has some finest glaciers in the world such as Milam Glacier,Sunder Dhunga Glacier, Ralam Glacier, Namik Glacier.

The Pithoragarh City is nestled in a very small valley about five kilometers long and two kilometers wide. The Pithoragarh is a favored destination of travel enthusiasts as well as mountaineers, spiritually inclined and botanists. Many rivers originate from the mountains in Pithoragarh which provides for many water sports activities in the area. The forests are dense and home to several varieties of flora and fauna.

The town was once ruled by the Chand Rajas of Kumaon and was a landmark city during those days. It is the gateway to Himalayas from the north and the famous religious tour Kailash Mansarovar Yatra passes through this town. This mountain town covered with dense woody forests and challenging undulate terrains is a good location for adventurous sports like skiing and trekking. It is the source of many rivers and houses amazing flora and fauna. It is a real worthy location for nature lovers, mountaineers and botanists.

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Climate: the winter receives snow fall, expect heavy rains in the monsoon season, during summers the valleys are comparatively hot, however, the higher regions are cooler.

When to go: Anytime during the year just carry the right clothes according to the season.

Clothing: Even in summers you may need light woolens.

Language: Local Language is Kumaoni, but people understand Hindi as well as English.

Tourist Attractions of Pithoragarh

Thal Kedar:

Thal is located on the banks of Ramganga River. Must visit temple here is the ancient temple of Lord Shiva and Ek Hathia Devalaya which is said to be carved by one person, from a single stone, in one night. A huge fair is organized during Shivratri.

Chaukori: This is a small hamlet in Pithoragarh. The peaks of Nanda Devi, Chaukhanba, Trishul, Nanda Kot and Panchachuli are quintessentially visible from Chaukori. This is a very beautiful hamlet.

Pithoragarh Fort : located at a hill top, is a major attraction in this city. This wonderful fort built in 1789 by the Gorkhas offer eye catching views of Beautiful Himalayan ranges.

Rai Gufa: This cave is an amazing example of peculiar limestone sedimentation located near Pithoragarh.

Madkot: Madkot is located at a distance of twenty two kilometers from Munsiyari. It has hot water springs which are said to cure rheumatoid arthritis as well as skin ailments.

Bhatkot: Its in the city premises and a really nice place to see the sunset and sunrise. You can Jog to this place in the morning or can take a walk. The view is panaromic from this place.


Located at a distance of seven kilometers from Pithoragarh on the north end of the Soar valley. This place offers a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges. The famous Mostamanu temple is at a distance of two kilometers. One can reach Chandak by hiing a cab or a brief uphill trek.

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Is is the place famous for rajma(an indian gram), and close to the himalayas.Its the base point for Milam Glacier trek.

Jhulaghat: The town is 35KM on the banks of river Kali. This river which separates India and Nepal.A suspension bridge connects both the countries and you can got to see the stuff on the other side of the bridge i.e Nepal.


It is well known for underground caves and ancient temples. Some of the famous temples found here are Haat Kalika, Ambika Dewaal, Chamunda Mandir and Vaishnavi Mandir. From the Vaishnavi Mandir (situated on a mountain called Shail Parvat) one gets to see a beautiful view of the Himalayas.

There are many magnificient underground caves in Gangolihat. The worth seeing caves here are Patal Bhuvneshwar, Shailashwer Gufa and Mukteshwar Gufa. A newly found underground cave ‘Bholeshwar Gufa’ is also located here.

Adventure in Pithoragarh
One can enjoy rafting and canoeing at areas close to Pithoragarh. There are also possibilities for hang-gliding and other adventure sports. Khaliya Top and Batulidhar are perfect was skiing and other sports. Trout fishing can be enjoyed at the rivers in the district.

Pithoragarh Accommodations
Pithoragarh is a beautiful city in the state of Uttarakhand. While open to tourism all around the year, the best parts of the year to visit are from April to June and September to November. During these periods, many tourists book accommodation in advance. September is a particularly busy month with pilgrims from all over the country thronging the nearby city of Almora for the Nanda Devi Festival. Affordable rooms are available within Rs 1,000 and provide comfortable accommodation. Deluxe suites come in the range of Rs 700 and Rs 1,500. Air conditioning is not required.

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Luxury suites have a price range about Rs 2,000 for a night’s stay. They are well equipped with modern amenities. They ensure that the tourists have a good experience in the hill station. Some resorts provide cottages for tourists. Trekking is a common tourist activity in Pithoragarh. Hotels located on the slopes provide a breathtaking view of the Himalayan mountain peaks. Many hotels are located near the bus stand to make it easy for tourists to find accommodation.

Pithoragarh Map

Center map
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