Places to visit near Mumbai

Here you will find the list of all good places to visit near Mumbai. Mumbai is the capital of the Indian state, Maharahtra. It is the most populated city in India and holds the title as the fourth most populated city in the world. A holiday is one of the most important things to a working person, because that well deserved break allows them some time to go spend that hard earned money on things to relax the mind and sooth the soul. This is the reason why many of the times, people tend to choose places as far and as different as possible from the place they currently reside in, as a vacationing spot. In light of that, we are going to be looking at some breathtaking locations of interest in the beautiful city of Mumbai in the colorful vibrant world of India. With that brief introduction to Mumbai let us move on to some exciting places to visit near Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves

The next area on our list may appear to be a little scary to those of us, who are a little claustrophobic, but the elephant caves or, Gharapurichya Lenee, amongst the locals. This marvelous cave harbors tunnels decorated with sculptures. The Elephanta Caves can be found on Elephanta Island which is just 10 kilometers on the east side away from the city of Mumbai. The cave is commonly divided into two separate groups. The first group is the bigger group as it holds a total of five separate Hindu caves, whereas the smaller group has a total of 2 Buddhist caves. The Hindu caves contain many sculptures formed with stone and are dedicated to the Hindu sect of Shaiva, which is dedicated to the god Shiva, whom followers believe is the creator, preserver, destroyer, and reveals and conceals all that is. Shaivism also happens to be the oldest sect of Hinduism.


For those of us whom know how to appreciate history then Bassein is definitely the place to go. Located just a mere 77 km away to the north of the city of Mumbai, the village of Bassein is truly a historical marvel as it is beautiful. It has constantly shared a similarity with the beautiful beach state of Goa, but unlike the hot spot for tourists Goa is, the beach at Bassein is noticeably calmer and less crowded a perfect get away for those of us trying to escape from the stresses of life. However the most impressive expect of Bassein is its history. Prior to the year 1947, Bassein has been under a constant amount of war and ruling from foreign powers such as the Portuguese and British before finally being taken over by the democratically elected representatives from the Union Government of India from New Delhi.

The next spot on our list is a tranquil hill station just 101 kilometers away from the city of Mumbai. People whom care familiar with Hindi movies would remember this town being mentioned in a popular Hindi song back in the day named Aati kya Khandala in the movie Chhoti Si Baat. If you have a soft spot for pretty places then Khandala would make you shed a tear, blessed with an immense amount of natural beauty, you will be swallowed up by the breathtaking environment of the Khandala hill station before you know it.

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The next spot on our list shares many similarities with the spot mentioned just a while ago. The town of Lonavla is also a hill station which is located just 96 kilometers away from the city of Mumbai. However unlike the Khandala hill station, the hill station Lonavla is famous for some different reasons. First of, are the famous sweets known as chikki, which happens to be a sweet which is very well known throughout India. Similar to Khandala, Lonavla is also blessed with a lot of natural beauty and is often seen packed with tourist during the monsoon season because of the rainy season, which causes the countryside surrounding Lonavla to morph into a beautiful lush green haven with waterfalls and ponds.

From great big beautiful hill stations we move on to a smaller hill station. As a matter a fact, the hill station in Matheran is known to be the smallest hill station in all of India. It is located about 90 kilometers away from Mumbai and 120 kilometers away from Pune. The close proximity of Matheran to the major cities, have made it a very popular get away spot for urban residents.

Kanheri Caves

Finally we come to system of caves located just on the western outskirts of Mumbai. Unlike the Elphanta caves also on the list, the Kanheri caves are not as beautifully adorned with sculptures as the earlier cells of the caves are barren. But nevertheless it places a lot of focus on Buddhism is still an excellent spot to visit if you are near Mumbai.

Mahabaleshwar is situated amidst the high range of Sahyadri. It offers a breathtaking view of valleys below, which are full of evergreen forest and lush undergrowth. Many springs and waterfalls abound in this area which offers best viewing points and picnic spots. Many of these points have good motorable roads leading the tourists for an easy aproach.The winding rides through thick foliage are an experience in themselves.If one really wants to be near nature to enjoy it; it is a must for every tourist to amble around on these paths; which are maintained in fairly good condition.

Karnala bird sanctuary
Just 60 Km away from Mumbai, the Karnala bird sanctuary on the Mumbai-Goa road is easily accessible from the city. It has an immensely beautiful forest stretching in green splendour over 4.5 km. It is Maharashtra’s first exclusive bird sanctuary and has two distinct seasons for bird watching. They are the monsoon and winter seasons. The monsoon season from July to September brings paradise of flycatchers, shamas, Nalabad whistling thrushes and racket-tailed dongos. Winter season, which is from October to December, attracts migrants like blue throat, the large cuckoo and shribe. Though essentially a bird sanctuary, it also has wild animals like panther, antelope, common langur and the African monkey.

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Tungareshwar Hills
Tungareshwar is a place near Mumbai and very popular place for the devotees of “Lord Shankar”. On the way to Tungareshwar, one can observe the beauty of nature and find a number of medicinal plants and herbs. Besides this very ancient temple, there is a river accompanying big water streams and waterfalls. The geologists have discovered mines of Aluminium after studying the geography of the place. Near the “Parshuram Kund” there is the “Ashram of Sadanand Baba” . This pilgrim spot is about 2000 ft. above sea level.

Chinchoti falls
This tourist spot, which is a popular picnic spot for the young crowds from Mumbai City, is located to the east of Vasai close to the Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway. In the center of the thick forest, there is this waterfall which flows continuously from June to October. The waterfall is about 100 ft. high and 20 ft. broad. Thousands of tourists visit this place every year to enjoy the falls.


Alibag is a coastal town near Mumbai set in the lap of nature. This tranquil picturesque town in Maharashtra is a famous weekend gateway renowned for its fresh air, sandy beaches and magnificent forts, and temples and churches. Tourist Attractions at Alibag: Kolaba Fort, Janjira Fort, Nagaon Beach and its coconuts, Kihim Beach known for views of rare birds, and Mandawa Beach renowned for the bungalows of superstars of Bollywood.

Panchagani is a charming hill resort in Maharashtra nestled in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges. A journey of 6 hrs from Mumbai to Panchangi is itself an adventure trip. The drive along the Krishna River in the lap of nature is an experience of its kind. A stay in Panchgani is all about breathing the fresh air, enjoying the spectacular views of verdant valleys, exploring the gothic architecture and capturing the stunning views of Mandhardeo, Pandavgad and Dhom Dam in your memories. The pastoral vista of Panchgani enthralls the tourists.

Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat, that forms a part of the Western Ghats of India, falls under the Pune district of Maharashtra. Perched amongst the ghats, at an altitude of approximately 700 m above sea level, the tourist spot can be visited throughout the year. However, the monsoon season forms one of the best times to visit the Malshej Ghat. This is because during this time, the entire hill resort seems to be covered in the shade of mint green, with its locales presenting a very pristine and beautiful sight. Apart from its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, the hill resort is also known for its rich and varies fauna. Bird lovers residing in the nearby area make it a point to visit Malshej Ghat, to see its rich avian population, comprising of Quails, Rails, Crakes, Flamingos, Cuckoos, etc.


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