Things To Do In Lockdown Of COVID-19; 6 ‘Travel-full’ Ideas For The Wanderlusts


Airports sealed, visas cancelled and now a complete lockdown at home. Not only you, but this painful story is shared by every nomad around you. It’s obvious that you have bucket lists planned and itineraries ready to explore, but this pandemic…!!! Just when your travel freak soul is craving for a little bit of exploration, this blog post is here to help you out of your travel mania. This blog post mentions 7 things to do in lockdown of COVID-19 that are truly ‘travel-full’ in every way.

PS. These ideas will also help you in getting involved in activities making good utilization of the quarantine time while sitting at home.

Learn a new language

Your bucket list is surely going to land you in a different state or a different country. Then why not learn a local language? May be any Indian or foreign language to have a smooth interaction with the natives. YouTube and Google Translate are one of the quickest and easiest ways to do so. Otherwise, several online courses are also available; both free and for a price.

Launch your own travel blog

Have hundreds of travel stories but don’t know whom to share with? Start your own travel blog while sitting at home. Scribble your travel fantasies and share them with your friends and family; moreover with the world. You can initially create a blog with free sites like WordPress or Blogspot. Else, you can also go for the paid versions.

Learn some photo editing skills

Being a traveller, guess you are a pro photographer and even if you are not your hard disks are stuffed with your travel pictures. This is the high time you reach out to those and try your editing skills. Make those more attractive and creative with your editing skills. This will also help your travel blog to grow and stand apart.

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Watch travel movies; a lot of them

Are you a movie freak? Skip every other genre and watch travel movies. Any language, any era, any length; just explore more and more through the screen. Visual exploration is a brilliant way to feed a wanderlust soul. Their breathtaking plots and cinematography are a relaxing dose for the home confined wanderers. Here is a list of travel movies for your help.

Study the world map or an atlas

Yes, this may sound a bit peculiar as you have Google at every step. But the more you know about a place, the more you will be eager to visit it. Learn about its geological contours, its natural wealth and prominent landmarks. Atlas is a great medium to study a place. It will eventually also turn out to be a great homework for your upcoming itineraries.

Read some travel books

Travel books are a wonderful source of inspiration for the wanderlust soul. If you want to explore every nook and corner of this earth sitting on your couch, travel books are the best means to do so. Imagine yourself on the farthest corner of the planet doing the weirdest thing of your life! This set of travel books is surely going to help you with your fantasy journeys during the quarantine.


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