Life’s Value

Eating like gluttons
Drinking to stupor
Buying just the expensive
Cruising the fastest
And hanging out latest.

Today, work has become a taboo
Groceries, need a pass
Night clubs forgotten
Malls sealed tight
Cars, mere junk of ore
As roads look like some phantom residence
Acquaintances keep their distance
And family remains the only safe haven.

Caught in the web of a microbe
Where leaders prostrate without shame
And none dares defy the rules of the game
For life remains the price
As the human prowess bows to the vice
And survival becomes a random number on a dice

Poor and rich on the same scale
As life reminds that we owe the same bail
Thus the need to pursue the same grail
Hoping love would have been any truer
And humanity given its virtue and dignity.

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