Tips to keep in mind while traveling in India

There is no denying fact that a huge number of tourists from across the world comes to India every year for tourism, and an uncountable number of domestic travelers also play an important role to make tourism the main attraction of our country. But aside from Indian travelers, there is a myth among overseas travelers who think about how safe is India when it comes to travelling. Is India safe for foreign tourists? Is it safe to visit?

So, this is a travel guide for people where we are going to discuss about the safety tips that you must know as a traveler; if you are planning to visit this place. However, it is an assurance that India is a safe place for all kinds of tourism like city break, honeymoon trip, beach party and cultural tour, but here are few points that definitely demands attention and you need to discuss. Just check this:
Don’t wait for public transportation services

This is the first thing that you must keep in India, while you are travelling to India. For local sightseeing in India, it is better to hire a private cab only and refrain the use of local autos., Hire services from trusted service provider. It is recommended to check the views and customer ratings of taxi services on online basis. And don’t go for unauthorized taxis, as these services can be bit expensive, avoid it in all cases. And one more thing it is important to check about the driver information before you depart. However, public transportation is not a great option for visiting nearby places. Public transportation inIndia like bus travelling is cost saving option for daily passengers, so if you want to experience it, take it. But be aware about the pick picketers for a long distance railways is much preferred. Rail journey is one among g the important tourist attractions to enjoy the trip. But, book a train ticket in advance to avoid any kind of inconvenience caused. Take care about the passport tickers and important documents for the public transport.
Avoid night travel
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Night travels is not prohibited in India, but avoid it if it is not necessary. However, if you are planning to travel into metro and high tech cities it is okay, but anonymous and alone place, never visit after the evening. Don’t take it wrong, India is a safe place to travel even during night, but if you want to have a night out glimpse, adhere to following tips:
• Try to travel in a group
• Never visit any unknown place
• Never travel alone in auto-rickshaw or public transportation mode
• Remember three digit police helpline number 100; in case you face any problem
If you are a woman traveler, it is important to take into consideration above-mentioned points. These points can help you a lot, while traveling.
Avoid Crowd

It is a well known fact that INDIA is a populated country, so assuming about crowd in India is wrong. You can always see crowded place in India. So, what is the purpose of discussing this point? The point is simple. A foreign tourist is always a center of attraction for Indians. Everyone likes to talk to them, and to know to more about them, and even want to click pictures with them. So, is anything wrong? Well, there is nothing wrong, but intention is important. So, it is better to stay away from the crowded areas because everyone is not good and bad.
Stay away from beggars and begging

Beggars and begging, both are serious concerns not only in India, but across the world. But there is some difference in categories of beggar in India. Some are actual beggar example physically challenged beggar and old aged person. And some just are fake like children , woman, women with babies and some others are physically well, but still seen at red signals and outside religious places usually. So, the best travel tip is to avoid it because if you give to one beggar, other will expect the same and this is the same problem here because you can’t give everything to everyone. But still, if you want to offer some penny, give them 10 Rs or 20 Rs, but try to avoid it.
Don’t be too friendly
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Everyone knows that Indians are too friendly with the world and becomes familiar with the persons that they even don’t know. But if you are a tourist, bear in mind that you are on a holiday trip not participating in any friendly event. So, it is important not to be too friendly or familiar with the unknown person, doesn’t matter next person is male or female.
Be careful about what you drink and eat

One thing is important and is really good about India is that you can find great dining experience here. Foods, top-notch restaurants, casual hang out, so you don’t need to worry about eating during the trip, but ensure that what and from where you are eating. Indians are fond of fatty, spicy foods that is easily available at any restaurant and roadside places, but people who is not addicted to Indian cuisine; it may be a tedious job for him/her to find expected overseas food. Because searching such restaurants offers all kinds of foreign food is limited.
So, it is recommended to keep something light for the travel pack, and must try Indian food at least once. Never drink open water, it may not be safe to drink, buy a sealed bottle verified by ISI trademark.

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