50 Ways To Save Money While Travelling In India

When in India, there is always an option of ditching luxury travel and opting for cheaper ways because the country is diverse and has something for everyone. Read on to find fifty odd and even ways to save money while travelling in India.

1. Travel by rail – It is certainly a good idea to bid farewell to air travel and let the Indian Railway serve you if budget is on your mind.

2. Plan well in advance– This will help you plan well and get good deals on everything based on reviews.

3. Circular Rail Ticket– If the travel itinerary is well planned; there is always an option of opting for circular rail ticket as compared to tickets from point to point destination. These are not only cheap, but also convenient. You can enjoy eight break journeys. These tickets are from a particular point destination to that same point destination. Check out for the discounts in the rate for senior citizens.

4. Sleeper Buses– There are sleeper buses available for every destination within India, and these are definitely cheaper that trains. Sleeper buses generally run overnight.

5. Ask for the lift– Well for the ones with an adventure streak, you can always ask for a lift from the truck drivers who are mainly into transport work. They charge you a minimum. However, there is no guarantee of your safety.

6. Opt for a share transport system– You will reach the destination at half the price this way.

7. Trek– India is blessed in terms of natural beauty and the best way to enjoy is to be close to it. One can trek to nearby tourist places and save a great deal of money. Directions are not a problem in India and locals are helpful and act as guides when required.

8. Family time– It is a good idea to stay at a friend’s or relative’s house to save money.

9. Paying Guest– You can enjoy the hospitality of the locals by staying in their houses as paying guests and get acquainted with the culture. Most of them provide food, as well at an affordable cost.

10. Dharamshala Stay– These are no frill places to stay in. Most of them are owned by religious trusts and are very well maintained. The cost is very nominal.

11. Travel on your own– Take the local transport instead of a taxi and remember to bargain for the rate.

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12. Shop from the local market– There are greater chances of finding genuine stuff at the genuine rate. Do not depend on the hotel guys or the taxi drivers as they have their commission fixed.

13. Enjoy the local delicacies– As these are easily available and cheap and mouth watering, as well.
14. Complimentary Breakfast– Look for deal on hotels, which offer complimentary breakfast.

15. Look for discounts on travel options– You can book beforehand as many travel websites provide good deals on holiday packages.

16. Plan off Season– Everything will be half rate during this time and more peaceful for sure.

17. Free wi-fi connection– A lot of cafes in India these days offer this option, hence use it to check mails and stay connected.

18. Camp Overnight– If the place is good enough, you can choose to camp rather than spending on a hotel.

19. Carry ready to eat meals– You can get these anywhere, and these packets are enough for two.

20. Bargain for everything– You must bargain for everything so get a good deal.

21. Enjoy local forms of entertainment– These are traditional art forms, more entertaining and most of the time free.

22. Check various travel websites– By this way, you are sure to get the best deal.

23. Travel Light– So that you need not pay for excess baggage or hire a porter where ever you go.

24. Travel with buddies or a large group– It turns out to be cheaper and the cost is shared for everything.

25. Catch up on sleep while travelling– This will surely help you get rid of dark under eyes and save on hotel stay.

26. Rent out a diesel car– While renting a vehicle, opt for a diesel one as petrol turns out to be more expensive.

27. Shop from Government shops– Since these are fairly priced and genuine, as well.

28. Mix around with the natives– You will get to know where to go for what.

29. Take help– Find out from those who have already visited the place before. There are various travel pages for travel lovers on social networking sites.

30. Avoid munching in the hotel room– The eatables provided in the hotel room are far more expensive than the actual price.

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31. Scan the menu – Refrain from ordering expensive items.

32. Choose motels– These are a little away from the city, but cheaper than hotels.

33. Consume local alcohol– Local made alcohol enriches your taste buds and is surely cheaper.

34. Drink free water– Water is available in most places for free in India.

35. Tip with caution– You must only tip if your bill has not been levied with extra taxes.

36. Get a local Sim Card– This will save your cost on roaming and avoid talking unnecessarily.

37. Rent a two wheeler– Many destinations offer cycles or two wheelers that can be hired.

38. Use reward points– One can use reward points to buy stuff rather than spending.

39. Avoid main markets– As main markets are a little more expensive since tourist flock around.

40. Look for complimentary meals– In India, a lot of religious shrines offer meals for free to everyone.

41. Ask for deals and offers– Most hotels have deals; however one needs to ask and push hard to get them.

42. Sightseeing– Be smart and go to places only worth visiting or of your interest. Choose wisely.

43. Travelling with kids– Carry nappies, baby food and toys so that you don’t end up spending on these.

44. Avoid weekends– Everything in India on weekends is a little more expensive.

45. Choose a noon flight– There are more deals available on these.

46. Carry a sleeping bag– This will let you save cost on bed sheets that you might want to hire.

47. Keep a knack on expenditure– Keep a record of everything you spend on.

48. Avoid using credit cards– As there is extra charge if you pay by card, hence check before making the payment.

49. Explore Interior regions– Indian cities are becoming very expensive and interior rural areas are comparatively cheap besides which one gets a flavour of real India.

50. Earn while you travel– You can either write about your travel experiences or click pictures and sell them online and earn something out of it, which will help you while you are on the go.

Plan smart and travel. Let budget not play a spoilsport!


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