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The gateway of north-east India- Guwahati which is the only metro city in NE India. There are a lot of things to say about this fascinating city. It is a place where you can have the taste of culture, tradition as well the essence of a fastest growing city.

You can have a look at the cultural site of NE region in places like Srimanta Sankardev Kalakhetra and State Museum, as well as enjoy the night time at café Hendrix or Brooklyn Blues or can choose Underdoggs Sports Bar. You can have a lunch of Assamese cuisine in Khorika restaurant or can spend your tour lavishly at Vivanta by Taj.

If you are planning to visit Guwahati or you are already here then do not miss these top 5 temples of the city. Otherwise, your visit will remain incomplete. It is a place where you can find lots of temples and religious spots which makes this place one of its kind. Today, our official site about Guwahati Tourism have listed the top 5 temples of the city.

Let’s check out what are they. To get more like these you can visit –

  1. Kamakhya Temple-

Guwahati is best known for Ambubachi Mela which is held every year at Kamakhya dham or temple. So visiting the city without having a look at the doorstep of Kamakhya temple is incomplete. If you are on tour to Guwahati, then you can start with this destination. Kamakhya temple is at the top of the Nilachal hill in Maligaon.It is regarded as one of the holiest places in India. It is among the 51 Shakti piths of India.

It is in the middle of the city, so it’s effortless to get to the destination. Tourists find many options like bus, tracker, cab. ASTC (Assam State Transportation Corporation) also play bus services to and fro towards the temple from the Kachari bus stoppage. ASTC bus services are available from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M at the interval of 1 hour.

On regular days, the temple remains open from 08:00 AM – 01:00 PM and 02:30 PM- 05:30 PM.

Kamakhya temple is devoted to Devi Kamakhya. It is believed that the ‘yoni’ or vagina part of Sati fell on this hill. Thus it became a pith. You will also find a rock fissure in the shape of a yoni inside the temple.Kamakhya temple is the Goddess of Desire.

This temple is of four parts; they are – Garbhagriha (main chamber) and three mandapas namely Calanta, Pancharatna, Nata Mandira.

The Garbhagriha is the inner sanctum. It is below ground level. You have to go deep inside the temple. It is small, dark and there is no idol of Goddess Kamakhya. Instead, there is a rock fissure in the shape of a yoni or vagina. One can reach this section by walking through steep stone steps. Inside the cave, you will be able to see a sheet of rock downwards from both sides meeting in a yoni-like depression which is about 10 inches thick. This hollow is filled with water.

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The Calanta is towards the west of Kamakhya temple. It is a square size chamber, The walls of this room have some images and inscriptions carved into its surface.

When you move towards the west of Calanta, you can see Pancharatna. It has a flat roof.

Kamakhya temple and its surroundings are so peaceful that those who come here feel the presence of serenity and calmness. The atmosphere creates devotion in mind. Moreover, people feel them as lucky after visiting this sacred place.

2.Purva Tirupati Balaji Temple

Here you will get the touch of South- India in North-east. Yes, this is a temple established by the devotees of Kanchi kamakoti Peetam of

Kanchipuram in 1998. It is in Betkuchi adjacent to ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus).

It is a magnificent temple of great architecture and beautiful environment. Whenever I came here, I find peace and serenity here. The devotional songs and enchanting mantras give calmness to your mind as well as the greenery give contentment to eyes.

The door of this temple opens every day at 8 a.m. to 1.30 p.m and again from 3.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. After 8 p.m. visitors are not allowed to enter the campus. Those who remain at the campus have to leave by 8.30. The main gate of the temple closes at 8.30 p.m everyday.

The first ‘aarti'(prayer)starts at 8 O’clock in the morning, then at 6 p.m, 7.30 p.m and lastly in 8 p.m. Milk is offered as ‘prasad'( food offered to God and then give to the devotees). The morning Prasad is being distributed till 1 p.m. daily and again in the evening from 5 p.m. they offer prasad to all the devotees.

Special Bishnu puja organise every Saturday for devotees at 10.30AM. Adding on, special puja of Durga Devi held every Tuesday and Friday at 10 AM.

A massive gate with brilliant architecture attracts you and welcomes to this temple. All the structure forms resemblance to the Great Tirupati Balaji Temple and is white. This main temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara( Vishnu). Near the gate of the main temple, a shoe keeping counter is placed so that devotees can keep their shoes safely. After entering through the gate, at very front you will see the main temple. Believers can go inside this temple. The temple allows people to step in from any community of the world. It has two more nearby temples; one is on the right-hand side that is of Padmavati Devi (Laxmi)temple, and on the left-hand side it is Durga Devi temple.

  1. Ugrotara Temple

Ugrotara Temple at Latasil near the Jur pukhuri tank of Guwahati City. It is one of the famous temples of Assam. Thousands of devotees come here every year especially on occasion of Durga Puja. It’s the temple of Goddess Ugrotara. This temple is a principal place of Sakti shrine.

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This present Ugrotara temple was built by Ahom king Siva Singha Singha in 1725. The tank at the eastern side of the temple is known as Jur pukhuri, which was excavated by Fuleshwari Kuwari in 1650. People believed that the navel of Sati, first consort of Lord Shiva is related to this temple.

Inside the temple, there is no specific idol of Ugratara goddess. There is just a water body inside it.

  1. Umananda Temple

It is in the peacock island in the midst of the Brahmaputra River. One greater thing about this temple is that Peacock Island is the world’s smallest river island. Moreover, this is known as the lowest inhabited river island in this world.

The only transportation to reach this island and as well as this holy temple is ferrying. The boats are available at ‘Uzanbazar Ghat’ at the bank of the river Brahmaputra at Uzanbazar area. This ‘ghat’ or port is adjacent to Sati Radhika Park.So the journey to the destination is itself an interesting one.

It is on the mountain named as ‘Bhasmasal.’ Ahom king Gadhar Singha or Supaatpha built this temple (1681-1696) who was a devotee of Lord Shiva. Umananda Dewaloi is the historical name of this temple. It is a Shiva temple, and people believe that Shiva resides here in the form of Bhayananda. Some mythological stories lie behind this temple.

Umananda temple is a property of rich Assamese craftsmanship. The statues represent lord Surya, Ganesha, Shiva and different Devi. The interior part of this temple is full with the Vaisnavite slogan. Some come here spend some time in this historical place and enjoy the natural beauty of the mighty Brahmaputra from the middle of it.

  1. Basistha Temple

Basistha, also known as Guru Vashishta, is famous for writing the Vashishtha Ramayana (Behind The Scenes Ramayana). He is also responsible for creating the ashram, and it is where he took his last breath. This temple is in the south-east corner of Guwahati city in Basistha area. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which was constructed by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in 1764. The total area is of 835 Bighas land.

You can reach this temple by city bus no.1 of Paltanbazar -Basistha route or can hire a cab.

The door of the temple opens at 6 A.M.People came to this temple and bathed in the mountain water tributaries. Three mountain tributaries Sandhya, Lalita and Kanta flow near the temple. They believe this water body to be very sacred. This temple attracts visitors and pilgrims for its immense natural beauty.

These above-listed temples are among the top 5 temples in Guwahati that you must visit. In all these holy places you will see the old architecture of Assam as well as the beauty of nature. Your visit to these temples will make your trip to Guwahati a worth one.

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Get full list of places to visit in Guwahati by visiting our official site solely about Guwahati Tourism.


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