Unexplored destination of Himachal Pradesh- Shoja

Travel and tourism industry has witnessed a splurge, thanks to the changing lifestyle habits. There was a time when people liked to book tickets to popular hill stations but now, they wish to explore the hidden gems. Himachal Pradesh has several hills stations to its credit that has been untouched by people. Shoja is one among them. It is an exemplary hill station that transcends you to the world where nature is magnificent.

Shoja is a hamlet town located near to the Seraj Valley and it connects the district of Kullu and Shimla. It is an unexplored beauty that has been blessed by nature with magnificent mountain peaks, snowcapped mountains, dense forests with trees covered with coniferous, deodars, etc. The spectacular view of this destination makes us believe in the power of God. Here, you can witness various magical places that will leave you spellbound.  It can be accessed easily as it located near to Aut. What’s more! The climatic conditions of Shoja remain similar throughout the year. The pleasant winds, the forests, mountain peaks, what else one can demand in the month of April and June when the whole of India is suffering from the scorching heat.  The area is popular because of its natural beauty and it is excellent for strolling, trekking, bird watching and to experience nature to the fullest.

Here are some activities that you can resort to when you are in Shoja:

Waterfall Point– This majestic point can be easily accessed through walking. The cascading sound of waterfalls may make you dwell in the beauty of nature. The area is surrounded by thick forests and grassy path, that may leave you spellbound. It is a must-visit destination to be explored.

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Jalori Pass- Located at a high altitude, Jalori Pass is one of the most famous mountain passes in Himachal Pradesh that connects inner and outer Seraj valley.  You can access the area halfway through the transportation and rest half through trekking which would take an hour or two to reach the destination. The pass is magical and is worth an expedition. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Himalayas and you feel that you are perched on the top of the world, thinking that the whole world looks minute from the place you stand.

Raghupur Fort- The fort has been constructed by the Mandi rulers to keep the intruders at a bay. At present, the place lies in devastation except for the outer portion of the walls of the fort. To avail this destination, you need to trek at a distance of 3 km from Jalori pass. The trek is challenging but it offers you a lifetime experience.

Tirthan Valley- A valley is an astounding place that helps you to explore wildlife and this is an idyllic spot for trout fishing. The valley is an abode to Himalayan National Park and is the best way to explore nature to the fullest.

Serolsar Lake-It is another prime tourist attraction located 5 kms away from Jalori pass. The lake has translucent water and has several leaves falling. The place is famous for the temples and primary among them is Goddess Budhi Nagin Temple, the legend has it that the Goddess had a hundred sons that protected the place. The walk towards this lake offers lifetime experience and is enclosed with a thick cover of oak trees.

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In the end, we would like to conclude that Shoja is a heavenly destination for the tourists who wish to explore nature’s beauty to the fullest. This is an offshore destination that has been still to be titled as a popular hill station.  


Jyoti Bhatia

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