10 Most beautiful cities in India


If you are looking forward for a visit be it for vacation, leisure, business activity or exploration, visiting some of India’s most magnificent and beautiful cities should be your first priority. All visitors are welcome, as it’s Incredible India.

Goa city.
• This city is located on the west coast of India.
• Its one the most admired global tourist destination. It boasts of most beautiful and scenic spots in India.
• Its Churches making a landmark of its beauty.
• Goa is considered to be a place for shopping fanatics and you can dine and wine while enjoying many delicious delicacies.
• The Presence of historical sites intensifies its beauty. You will surely enjoy visiting places such as Ancestral Goa Museum, Amthane Dam, Alorna Fort, Kuskem waterfall, Arvalem Caves and the beautiful beach of Goa.

Agra city.
• Agra is famously known as a travel destination and is the most visited city in India.
• Taj Mahal fort in Agra is one of the most imperative reasons why huge numbers of tourist visit this city annually.
• Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in remembrance of his adored wife Mumtaz.
• If you are planning to visit India then you ought to visit Agra.
• Other historical monuments to visit in Agra include Buland Darwaza, Akbar’s Tomb, Mughal and Ram Bag Heritage Walk.

Kodaikanal city.
• Destination Kodaikanal also known as the gift of the forest is endowed with breath taking landscapes with natural forests and many hills.
• This city brings nature close to you and you can enjoy the fresh air while taking a walk.
• This city presents delicious food to fill your stomach with plus numerous scenic innate attractions. Places to visit here include pine forest, Bryant Park, pillar rocks, bear shola falls, guna caves, Silver Cascade and beautiful Berijam Lake.

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Auroville city.
• Of late it has become a magnetic force due to its increasing number of visitors.
• If you are the type of a person looking for a peaceful place, look no further.
• This is ideal spot to enjoy a peaceful natural environment.
• An example of such a place is Matrimandir which an exceptional and unique architectural success.

City of Mumbai.
• Formally it was known as Bombay and is among the busiest cities in India.
• It offers authentic hotels, restaurants and sunny beaches where you can enjoy swimming and basking.
• It also brags of its throbbing night life with lively cinemas, clubs, hotels and beautiful lighting.
• Indian culture is rooted in Mumbai with Ghandi museum being a must visit place.

Ladakh city.
• It is said to be “the land of lofty passes”. Located on the northern mountainous regions of India.
• It is naturally gifted with beauty. Attractive lakes and landscapes augment its brilliance more.
• If you enjoy taking nature walks, jogging and trekking, this will be your ideal area.
• It also has an edge to its architecture that replicate Buddhist approach. It offers paradise in real life.

Kerala metropolis.
• Kerala is a strikingly beautiful city in India.
• If you are planning to go on a honeymoon, this can be your garden of love.
• t is where you will also get water sporting activities at their peak. You will have an experience of water-sports like kayaking and canoeing.
• Karala city is located on the Malabar Coast of south-west India. It is a place like paradise. Added attractions to this city include the tropical greenery while valleys and forest will blow your mind.

• This is the ideal city to harbour while avoiding the intense heat experienced during summer seasons. Its environs are dust free with great sceneries.
• It’s relatively cool environs is what win the hearts of many tourists.
• Prices for accommodation and other needed are competitive and you can spoil yourself by visiting the best restaurants and hotels around.

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Shimla capital.
• This city is best recognized for its countless hills. It’s located on the north western parts of the famous Himalayas Mountains.
• This city is famed for its neo-gothic design and pile houses.
• This is your ideal recreational hub catering for all your sporting and spending activities such as playing golf and shopping. It is endowed with undulating hills, cedar forests and prolific views of extensive floored valleys.

Bangalore metropolis.
• Raked as the best urban in India.
• Has become home to the best research institutes, colleges and harbours largest IT companies.
• Its population density comes in fifth.
• Second fastest growing city, a cultural attraction and enjoys some of the most prolific designs of buildings.

Visiting these 10 Most beautiful cities in India does not require any ESTA process to be done and within small budget you will be able to enjoy the complete beauty and culture of India.

Enjoy your Tour To INDIA.


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  1. Kerala is a state… Did you mean any city in particular or state as a whole?

  2. Chandigarh should also have been there in the list. It is one of the most beautiful cities of the country and among the 9 planned cities of the world. 🙂

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