15 famous waterfalls in India

The waterfalls are a rare view of nature’s power to bring in a sensation of powerlessness. This is felt by human being when they stand in front of the long jump of frothy and cascading water from an unbelievable height. The natural beauty of India is known by all but when you stand in front of one such natural expression of happiness, you bow down to the great creator. There are several such waterfalls and you can find some to be the best. A few of them are:

Hogenakkal Waterfalls enhances beauty of nature and your health:

This one is in Karnataka state and Tamil Nadu border. The waterfall has got awesome beauty while falling down 20 meters height from the bank of river Kaveri. The waterfall has got its unique feature of providing you with health benefits derived from the herbs growing around it.

Adyanpara Falls in the Land of migratory birds and wild life: This one is situated in the state of Kerala and has got a lot of rare migratory birds visiting the place. There are other small springs and a hoard of wild animals. It gives a rare view of cascading white curtain, flowing down the hills.

Gersoppa falls in four cascades: The spectacular beauty of this waterfall is seen on the face of the hills where the Sharavati River is nestled. This one is a naughty one and jumps over a cliff that raises sharp and then falls from there in four different cascades with visual beauty for the spectator.

Jog Waterfalls gives you the king, queen, rocket and roarer cascades:

These waterfalls are famous for the natural beauty. The background is raw nature without any sign of manipulation from human beings. The Sharavati River comes down crashing 900 feet down and there are four cascades named as king, queen, rocket and the roarer. The monsoon sees the river to get up to the brink and the falls gushes down with a very high speed. You will find misty haze near the water fall and the droplets form a platform of rainbows reflecting from them.

Kutralam Falls brings you the Spa of the South India: The waterfall gushes off the herbs and gain medicinal goodness for the believers that visit the falls. The falls are in the State of Tamil Nadu and this comprises of nine bodies of the waterfall. They fall in different way taking up a large expanse of the hills and gives the tourists their feast of the eyes.

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• The Chitrakoot Falls are a part of the Religious Pilgrimage:

The Falls are located in the State of Madhyapradesh, district Bastar. The place is taken up by the visitors as a picnic spot and this is a place known for tranquility. The travelers find this place a holistic one for meditation. The River Indirawati falls from a height of 98 feet and gives a magnanimous view for the spot. The pilgrimers going towards the Hari Darshan pilgrimage take a rounded way to reach the falls and take rest in the peaceful environment.

Vazhachal falls in the midst of nature’s landscape:

This is located in Kerala, Thrissur district. The falls are beautiful amidst the natural growth of the Sholayar Forest and give the place music of the falling water from a far off area of the forest. The water starts in a calm way from the top of the hills and then falls faster as they get more speed on the way. The small garden near the falls adds beauty to the falls and the valley.

Kempty Falls from the “Camp Tea” areas:

The falls are situated in the middle of Mussorie and Dehradun. The falls gushes down from a height of 4500 feet and divides into five cascades and it seems it is taking small leaps to reach the valley. The greenery and the freshness give the falls and the area a good time for tourists to visit.

Umbrella Waterfall provides you with peace of mind: This one is shaped like an umbrella and is in the state of Maharashtra. The beauty gives you a rare state of peace in your mind. It has a bridge built over it and you can view it from very near its white and frothing body.

• Highest waterfall in India, the Kunchikal Falls: The highest in India and the second highest in Asia, this one has a height of 1493 ft and is located in Shimoga district in Karnataka. The place called Agumbe valley receives heavy rainfall and is situated in the bank of river Varahi.

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Barehipani Waterfalls is picturesque with beauty and height: This one is the second highest in India and has got a height of 1309 ft. It is surrounded by forest and has got two tiers to attract more visitors to the state Orissa.

Nohkalikai Falls from the wettest place on Earth:

This one is in Meghalaya and located in Cherapunji, wettest place that gives rise to the wild and refreshed beauty in the wilderness. The East Khasi Hills has given the falls its backdrop to run down to a height of 1100 ft and makes an ideal place to feel the raw nature.

• Sea of Milk found in the Dudhsagar Waterfalls:

The trajectory of the Sea of Mild in the face of the hills and the greenery in Goa. The monsoon sees it as a powerful falls in India and it has got a height of 1020 ft.

Papanasam Waterfalls with its religious significance: This one is situated in Tamil Nadu on the banks of the river Tamravarni. The water is considered very holy by the Hindus and so this place s a pilgrimage with being a natural beauty.

Meenmutty Falls give you a spectacular view of natural explosion:

The waterfall is famous for its smoky beauty and pearl white water cascading down the hills in the Wayanad district of Kerala, the Land of God

There are other Waterfalls in India and they are also spectacular to view but these are better in the picturesque way for you to choose the one you want to sleep on.


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