Anantnag is a popular tourist destination in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and receives travelers at all times of the year. The city is not too far away from the capital city of Srinagar and one can resort to the use of public buses and taxis in order to arrive over here. Anantnag is well known for its archaeological sites as well as for its Shiva Temples. The population in the city is predominantly Hindu and the climate for sightseeing activities over here is that which is generally conducive in the season of summer.

Martand Sun Temple

This is one of the most well known sightseeing destinations in the Indian city of Anantnag and is also a renowned archaeological site. The architecture of the Sun Temple is that which is particularly glorious and is very ancient Indian and classical in its essence. Visitors can enter the temple upon payment of an entry fee and there are no separate charges for photography. The ideal time to visit this destination would be on a weekday morning when it is not filled with tourists and when looking around can be done in a manner that is peaceful.

Other Historic Sites
There are some sites and buildings in the city of Anantnag that date back to the period of Mughal Rule in Indian history. These were discovered in the year 1835 and are visited by travelers all through the week. Tickets for entry are quite affordably priced and there are special discounts for children.

Anantnag is thus quite a desirable place that you can make your way to when you are a tourist in Jammu and Kashmir. The town has a backdrop of spectacular beauty in the form of the Himalayan Range with snowcapped peaks even in the summer.

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