Haflong hill station

Haflong hill station is one of the most beautiful places of Assam state. This hill station has been situated on the altitude location of the about 700 meters over the sea level. Haflong hill station is plays the role of headquarter of the district northern cacher hills this is one of the Assam state’s twenty three. It is about eighty five kilometers far from the northern Sichaar and from the city of Guwahati, the distance is about three hundred forty five kilometers. This land actually looks like a creation of the Nature god; it is still having its real look in this modernize world.

The whole area of the Haflong has been slept under the dark greenery; you will get to see different types of fruits and flowers on this green land, which quickly captures your attention. The look of the entire Haflong is magnificent and it decorates itself through orchids, painted blue hills and colored green Rivers. You will definitely get amazed when you will see the huge numbers of variety of flowers; you will hardly get to see at any other place. The entire hill station is very much popular because of more than two lakh different types of flowers. Haflong gives to opportunity to try the para gliding, gliding and trekking, that’s why not only the tourist and nature lover visit Haflong but adventurous people also give preference to visit this place of Assam. People of different religions like Hmars, Karbis, Mizos, Dimasas, Khelmas and Nagas give a diversified beauty and look to this hill station.

Haflong Climate
The weather condition of Haflong hill station is very relaxing and calm in the entire year. The maximum temperature of this place different from the 24’celcius – 30’celcius and the minimum temperature comes in between the 10’celcius and 14’celcius. The rainy season at this place begins during the May and it continues till September, the rainfall has not divided in the entire place. The general weather of Haflong is pleasant and cool. The temperature goes down till the December end and in January start again this beautiful hill station gets its real beauty back.

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Haflong hill station Tourist Attractions

Haflong Lake :

The lake of the Haflong is a real thrill. This has been situated at Haflong hill station’s heart. This lake is one of the biggest water bodies created by the nature in the Assam. Here you can do many more fun activities such as boating. Close to this, there is a one more popular spot for tourists like you; it is very near about nine kilometers from the Haflong Lake.

Maibong :

47-km away from Haflong, on the banks of river Mahur, lie the ruins of the once flourishing capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. A stone house and temple of Kachari kings can be seen at Maibong.

Jatinga :

9-km south of Haflong on the Silchar road and covered with Blue Vandas Orchids, Jatinga is famed in local folklore as the place where birds commit mass suicide. The more brutal truth is that on certain foggy, moonless nights in autumn, local migrant birds can become disorientated while flying up the valley over the saddle of the hill and are attracted with lights by local people, who clobber them to death with bamboo poles and eat them.

There is a bird watching centre in Jatinga, where one may be able to stay if one can get permission from the district forestry office in Haflong. Buses to Silchar pass through, but it may be easier to make a day-trip from Haflong by auto-rickshaw.

Umrangshu or Umrongso : The biggest Hydel plant under North East Electric Power Corporation (NEEPCO), Umrongso is about 112-km from Haflong by road, consists with dams across the Kopili river, a part of the Brahmaputra. There is a hot water spring named Garampani, which has a great history of possessing medicinal properties. Containing an awesome natural beauty this place attracts most of the visitors every year.

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Haflong Accommodations
Within the Haflong you will get facilities of accommodation very easily. As per your budget you can choose the accommodation facility.

How To Reach Haflong
By Rail: Lower Haflong is having a railway station, 3-km from town, with departures to Lumding – a slow but scenic ride, Silchar, and Dharmanagar.
By Road: Private buses pull in on Main Road, 100m above the market by the Hamringdi cinema, with departures early morning and midday for Silchar, plus one overnight departure to Guwahati. The ASTC bus stand, 1-km further out, sees morning and noon departures to Silchar, and one daily to Nagaon.

Haflong map

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