The festival of Navratri holds a great significance for Hindus. These are the days when the Hindu community completely permeates itself into sanity. Most of the believers of the religion do away with their eating habits and maintain it till the 9 days. Many folks do fasting to please the […]

India is the country of festivals and celebrations. All praises to people of different religions, ethnicity and cultures residing here. They bring with them distinguish mannerism and thought processes of perceiving everything from a different angle. And the best part is everyone condoning to each other’s belief system. People learn […]

With the growing population, global warming and unethical poaching, humans have unleashed carnage on nature and other living species. We can see a sheer decline in forest covers, breaking of mountains (due to excessive mining and construction work), several species have gone into extinction including the White Northern male Rhino, […]

There are hundreds of cities in India, which have their own importance and contributions in the array of fields like art, culture, heritage and traditions. The people residing there have distinct belongings, dressing sense, dialect, language, thought process and food. On the similar lines, the city of Mysore can […]

We have so many religions in the world propagated by people of different originations, thoughts, countries and ethnicity. They all have distinct ways of learning and worshipping the God, the one who created the Universe. All these believers irrespective of their genders and caste follow rituals mentioned in their holy […]

One thing that strikes our mind when we hear Hyderabad is Biryani. But the city of Nizams has much more to offer than just a type of food. Hyderabad holds several stories of our history, which had a massive impact on our country. What we witness in India as […]

There are 330 million deities in Hindu (Sanatan) Dharma, each one of them owing their responsibility to make it worth living for human beings. They are worshipped in different forms and shapes by people. Some are considered and worshipped as Kul Devi or Kul Devta ( deity of their family). […]