Beaches of Gujrat


Best Beaches of Gujrat

The longest stretch of coastline in India can be found in the state of Gujarat which features nearly 1,600 kilometers of some of the most awe inspiring and picturesque landscapes that can be found along its shores.

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach

Considered to be home to one of the finest beach resorts in India, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a relaxing day on the beach or a sport filled afternoon on the water. The beach features a large number of birds, colorful fish as well as a number of natural attractions to keep one busy.

Beyt Dwarka offers a number of great beach locations which are flocked by troths of birds every morning making it a definite sight to see. The area is also a well known pilgrimage area which is often filled with visiting tourists.

Diu Beach Gujarat

Diu Beach is situated on the island which shares its same name. The island is roughly 125 kilometers from the city of Junagadh and boasts some of the finest colonial Portuguese architecture that can be found in the region. The entire island is kept clean and neat, especially the beaches.

Somnath Beach

For some beaches with just a little bit of history, you might want to check out Veraval and Somnath Beaches which features an old colonial Portuguese fort which just adds to the beauty of the beach. Located just 10 kilometers from the city of Mapusa, one can sit back and relax while feeling as they have stepped back in time thanks to the colonial fort along the beach.

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If you are into fish and taste testing some of India’s culinary delights then make your way to Chorwad village which is located along the coast of Gujarat only 66 kilometes from Junagadh. A fishing village by trade, Chorwad also offers and excellent beach and several resorts to choose from.

Gopnath Beach

Sometimes choosing a great beach means to simply follow those who know the best, one such beach is Gopnath Beach which boasts the summer home of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji of Bhavnagar. With breathtaking beauty throughout the region, its no wonder why this beach is so well liked. Featuring a number of colorful bird life as well as breathtaking limestone cliffs, Gopnath is a definite must see while in Gujrat.


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  1. Diu Beach is a world famous destination that is enriched with the captivating beauty and soothing ambiance.
    Fringed by trees of coconuts and adorned with soft sandy areas, this secluded place is a paradisaical retreat for the visitors who want to spend vacation time away from the tension-laced metropolitan cities. I had been there for week and enjoy lot their….:)

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