The pristine beaches along the shorelines of Bay of Bengal are home to the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar. The virgin isles with turquoise water, tropical rain forests, golden beaches, and rich flora and fauna are a grand lure for the visitors. The Union Territory of India is the native […]

Diu, the small Union Territory of India is a true ecstasy near the hot and humid state of Gujarat. The Arabian Sea on its southern part guards its coastlines rendering its beaches a kaleidoscopic view of shades and hues. Once being a Portuguese settlement, the place has always experienced a […]

The Lakshadweep Island state is known for its natural beauty as well as some of the best diving spots along the Indian coastline. This island state is composed of 36 island which means there is plenty of beaches to choose from as well as a selection of various watersports. This […]


Best Beaches of Gujrat The longest stretch of coastline in India can be found in the state of Gujarat which features nearly 1,600 kilometers of some of the most awe inspiring and picturesque landscapes that can be found along its shores. Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach Considered to be home to one […]