The city of Goa is also known as the beach capital of India. If you are planning Honeymoon in Goa, you must be aware of the sandy and vast expanse of Beach near the Arabian coast line. Goa is full of natural beauty and thriving and colorful nightlife on the beaches and the pubs and restaurants. There are a lot of temples and churches that can be visited to enjoy the sculpture and the bygone day’s excellence. The Mangeshi Temples and Shanta Durga temples are situated in Priole and Kavele respectively. The Ganapati temple at Khandole and Mahalakshmi temple are also very well-known spots in Goa. The Basilica Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral are the old and important churches in Goa.

The water sports are the main attractions of the water body in Goa for the people coming for Honeymoon in Goa. You will find wind surfing by hiring a board and sailing into the deep sea can be an experience that is enjoyed by tourists and honeymoon couples. Dinghy Sailing and water scooters are also done from the beaches. There are carnivals that the couples can enjoy and buy different local handmade objects and jewelries. The food from the restaurants is also delicious and you can order vindaloo or Prawn balchao for tasting the local cuisine. You will find rice and coconut is the integral part of most food here.

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