This is a hill station in Kerala and if you plan Honeymoon in Munnaryou will find beautiful hills and lush green tea plantation, crystal clear water falls and various dams, lakes and a variable trees in the environment of the place. There are small houses like fairytales and this together with the climate gives you a romantic environment to enjoy your honeymoon. There are areas for enjoying sightseeing in the hill station if you are a lover of nature and you are sure to like going out to see the forest and its animals and birds in the natural backdrop.

The Madupetty Dam and the Gundalalake are the places for honeymooners to visit for the nearness to water and boating. There is the Echo Point that gives back the name that you shout and this can give you pleasure like going back to the childhood.

To unwind you can visit the Devilukam lake or visit the island in the lake with prior permission. You can go for fishing, cycling or boating to get the taste of activities. The tea estates, wild life, national park and the lakes and dams together can give your plan to go for Honeymoon in Munnara tinge of pride and make it a complete success.

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