Kaziranga National Park – Kaziranga Wildlife For many people coming to India, seeing the tiger in its natural habitat is the main goal of the trip to the parks. Many people forget though that besides the tiger, one can also find the rhinoceros in India’s national parks and one great […]


Gir National Park – Gir Wildlife Sanctuary Created as a reserve for the last known population of the Lion in the wild habitat outside the African Savanna regions, Gir National Park is the region that is located in the southwest of peninsular in the State of Gujarat. The vast region […]

Jim Corbett National Park A popular destination which is part of Project Tiger is the Corbett National Park which is situated on a 1,200 square kilometer reserve that is located roughly 300 kilometers from Dehli. The Corbett National Park is known for its Leopards, Tigers as well as its Crocodiles […]

Bandipur National Park Located only 80 kilometers from the Ooty Hill Station you can find the Bandipur National Park sprawled out on a lush 874 square kilometer tract of land which contains a wide variety of both plants and animals but is most noted for its elephants and guars. Considered […]


Bandhavgarh National Park There are many great parks in India where one can see some of the world’s most exotic animals. One of those such parks is the Bandhavgarh National Park who features mostly tigers, bears and leopards within its confines. Located only 30 kilometers from Umaria and covering an […]

Currently there are over 80 national parks in India to serve this purpose. Each of these parks houses at least one unique species. India is a country famous for its wildlife and animal resources. But people have become greedy these days. They hunt down the innocent animals just for fun […]

Srivilliputhur Giant Squirrel Sanctuary is located in Tamilnadu, India. the Srivilliputhur sanctuary falls under two districts Virudhanagar and Madurai. it was declared a sanctuary in 1989. Given its vast geographical expanse, Spread over 46,800 hectares. The varied climatic and topographic conditions of the Western Ghats, where this sanctuary is located, […]