The country-wide lockdown as declared by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to end very soon, on April 14th. However, the ministry is yet to decide whether the lockdown needs to be extended or not. The state government of Odisha has already decided to extend the lockdown till 30th of April. All domestic and international flights had been postponed till the 14th of April, but cargo flights, medical evacuation flights and other special flights were permitted to fly by the Indian aviation regulator DGCA.

With a hope to come back to normal life by 14th, IndiGo has announced that once the lockdown is over, they will gradually start their flight services, and will slowly enhance their capacities. Initially, they would carry 50% of passengers to maintain social distancing. Airline CEO Ronojoy Dutta has announced that the main focus after regaining flight services, would be the cash flow. They are examining their fixed costs and devising ways to minimize them. He also added that IndiGo was safety-conscious all along, but from now on they will be health-conscious as well. Keeping this in mind, a new set of operating procedures will be coming very soon. Additionally, they have also decided to keep the on-board meal services suspended for the time being.

As of 10th April, more than 7,000 people have been confirmed as Coronavirus positive in India. More than 230 deaths have been reported so far.

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