The Khasi hills are situated in the state Meghalaya, India. They are the part of the range Garo-Khashi and Patkai as well as the Meghalaya subtropical forests. The transcription of Khasi hills can be seen in the older sources particularly. Tribal people mostly inhabited the area of the Khasi range and there are several chieftains known as the Khasi hill states. Cherrapunji is the capital and is considered as the wettest land in the whole world. The Khasi region was divided into west Khasi hills and east Khasi hills on 26th October, 1970. Lum Shyllong is the highest peak and it’s altitude is 1968 mts.

The headquarters of east Khasi hills are present in Shillong. The east Khasi part covers almost 2,748 sq km of the geographical area. Ri-bhoi covers the northern portion of this area which gradually transformed into the grassland areas interspersed by the river valleys. West Khasi hills have a lot of scope for adventurous. It is the best spot for tourism during the tourist season. You can go for trekking, rock climbing, angling and other thrilling sports. It also has numerous peaks and cascades that add to the nature’s beauty. For campaigning and making picnic this is the ideal spot.

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