Malabar hill Mumbai

Malabar hill is situated in the southern Mumbai in India and is one of the best residential areas. The hills have a range of almost 50 mts and in the entire south Mumbai it has the greatest altitude. Malabar Hill is a must-see place in Mumbai.

Some of the famous spots located in this region are the Hanging Garden, Kamala Nehru Park and the Priyadarshini Park that is adjacent to the famous Arabian Sea. The Banganaga tank is the oldest structure in Mumbai and is attached to the Walkeshwar temple. According to the Hindu mythology it is said that when Lord Rama was on his way to Sri Lanka to rescue Sita from the Ravana, he felt thirsty. He stopped at this Bangagnga tank and shot an arrow to make a fountain that quench his thirst.

The Walkeshwar temple which is very well-known is located in this area and it also houses the Banganaga tank. Walkeshwar temple is the location of Malabar hills and the founders of this temple are the Silhara kings. The temple was destroyed by the Portuguese in the beginning but later on again it was rebuilt in the year 1715 by Rama Kamath. Other temples were also built in this region later on.


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