Places to Visit near Bangalore

Inside Bangalore one can found a number of places to visit. And if you are a good explorer, then dare to miss the great places located around the city Bangalore. A famous city of nation India commonly known as “Garden City of India “is Bangalore .Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It would not take your much time and money. But if you don’t visit those places, you are going to miss a lot.

These include various Pilgrim, hill station, Rivers, Dam, Ravine, Temples, Water fall, Bird Sanctuary, Historical, Archeological, wild life, Landscape and many more places. Exploring these places is worthwhile.

Bannerghatta National Park
One of the famous visiting areas is Bannerghatta National Park. It will take just one and a half hour to reach there. It is located 22 km from Bangalore. The main attractions of this place are the Zoological reserve, Museum of the zoo, Butterfly Park and a Biological reserve.

Omthara Kala Kuteera
A temple of Peace and Devotion on earth, just equivalent to heaven is Omthara Kala Kuteera. Few distances apart from Bangalore it lies. It is the great lasting reminder. It’s a perfect place closely abbreviating the natural beauty. One kind finds the mental peace and sole enhancement over here. So if you are fed up of your busy and stressful life. You must visit this place.

Kanva Reservoir Lake
Damming over Kanva river, gave rise a beautiful artificial lake known as Kanva Reservoir. This place is full of immense beauty. It is located 69 km from Bangalore. Its famous attraction is Bird life over here. Circumscribed by hills loaded with tree add beauty to this place. You can also go through the Purushotthama Thirtha Gavi. The place has a cave temple with a statue of lord Hanuman inside. It is 3km away from Kanva Reservoir. Famous place as a holy person performed the act of self punishment over here. Asia’s largest pyramid lies in the Pyramid Valley. This is the great primes for the meditation. It is pyramidal in shape. Maitreya Buddha Pyramid is also located in the pyramid valley.

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills another great attraction that lies close to Bangalore. It is located in Chickballapur town. Arkavathy River founds its origin from the same. It is another graceful visiting place by the tourists. It is a hill fortified town. It is just 60 km from Bangalore. It is also known as Nandidurg hill. This valley got its name from a Nandi temple lies in the hill. The temple have old Nandi statue inside. A lord Shiva and Parvati temple is also found on the hill.

Skandagiri hills

Skandagiri just few kilometers from Nandi Hills is a place of adventure. It is also famous by the name Kalavara Durga. It is in one of the best places for all who love adventure. Most attractive views include impressive sunrise, rock climbing, stunning night arduous journey and a lot more.

Muthyala maduvu
Muthyala maduvu is also known as pearl valley. It is so named because of the waterfall in it. The falling water of the waterfall looks like pearl drop. It’s a picnic spot just 40km from Bangalore in Anekal town. It’s a wonderful place of enjoyment anytime. Thottikallu falls, commonly known as TK fall is also a visiting place 25 km from Bangalore.


Savandurga lies in west of Bangalore around 33 km. It is supposed to be one of the giant monolith hill known. It has its own historical background, which is of great interest. It serves purpose, pilgrims and a picnic spot. Pilgrims place due to presence of two great temples Swamy Narasimha temple and temple of Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy. One can spend quality time in the clean and clear holy place. Also have places for adventure and exploration.

One can also visit T G Halli Damor Thippagondanahalli Reservoir or Chamarajsagar. It is around 35 km from Bangalore in west. Confluence of two river Arkavathy River and Kumudavathi River give origin to this dam. Also form the basic source of drinking water for Bangalore. It is one of the most famous recreational places to be known. Serve an adventures point for tracking also.

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Another beautiful place to visit nearby the city Bangalore is Mysore. This is the second largest city of state Karnataka. The name Mysore got its origin from the Hindi word Mahish?ru. Mahish?ru means dwelling place of Mahisha. Mahisha or Mahishasure is the name of a demon, as per the Hindu religion states. Most famous attractions of Mysore are Mysore Palace, Festival celebration during Dashara, Stylish Mysore paintings, Mysore Pak a sweet dish, Mysore peta; it’s a type of turban of traditional silk, famous sarees of Mysore made up of silk and many more. It has its name in the list of clean city, ranking second in India.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls, an attractive, adorable view to see. It is located just few kilometers from Bangalore city crowd. It is made on the river famous among us, Kaveri. This is a type of segmental waterfall. Means divided into segments before the water touches the ground. The two segments are right and the left one. One is called Gangachukki and the other called Bharachukki.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

A well known bird Sanctuary located on the bank of river Kaveri. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, yet very small to look .But have a great diversity in terms of flora and fanna. This is situated near Srirangapatna.

Those who prefer adventure in their life, there are places around Bangalore to explore. Some of the famous trekking spots are hiking in Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctury, the railway tracks for Yedakumari between Sakaleshapura and Subrahmanya also offers a good trekking place, Bandipur National Park and Thadiyandamol in Coorg.


Distance from Bangalore 55kms. The rocky hills are surrounded by forests and the hilltops are dotted with several temples including the Yoganarashima and the Bhoganarasimha temples. The Yoganarashima temple is on the top of the hillock and the Bhoganarasimha temple at the base . There are three sacred ponds or Kalyani’s here, known as Narasimha-theertha, Parasara-theertha and Pada-theertha. Places nearby include Namada Chilume , myth has it that Sri Rama on his way to Lanka halted here. As he did not find water anywhere around to wet the “Nama” (a kind of paste Hindus apply on their forehead), he shot an arrow into the ground, and water sprung from there. Thus the name (Rama)-Namada Chilume. The spring can be still seen, and there is a foot impression of Lord Sri Rama next to it. There is a deer park in the garden of Namada Chilume. Another place worth a visit is the very famous temple of Mahalakshmi at Goravanahalli.

This fort is believed to be built by Kempegowda (founder of Bangalore). This is a classic example of an 8 tiered fort, with major part of the fortification still intact. Yes its surprising .There are two fortified hillocks around this village. It has a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Nandi. Puja to deities is performed only on Mondays and Fridays. Despite being so close to Bangalore, very few people are aware about this place.

Hogenakkal falls

Another beautiful place near Bangalore. Hogenakkal is synonymous with waterfall and is now even more famous being shot in the movie Raavan. Ideal time to visit Hogenakkal is after monsoons since the waterfall becomes big then. You can get boat rides which will take you very close to the fall. Although the boatwalas charge a lot but one should not miss this. It is enchanting when small drops of water from the waterfall are picked up by the wind and hits you face. Although picturesque the place is untidy due to lots of tourist folks coming in and throwing away plastic bags and bottles. You can also try street food. They serve fresh fish with rice! Hogenakkal is 173 kms from Bangalore and takes close to 3-4 hours by road.
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Adichunchanagiri Mutt
120 kms from Bangalore, the major attraction here is the temple and mutt. This place is considered one among the Pilgrimage sites of Karnataka. Very well maintained temple and good facilities for the lodging is available here.There is a provision for rock climbing with the help of chain and pegs at certain places.We heard that this place also has a peacock sanctuary. We tried looking around for it, inquired a few locals but in vain. On walking around for a long time in search of peacocks if any, we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of a colorful peacock. It was a pleasure to the eye. We also read that the forest department ran jeep safaris and made provision for trekking inside the sanctuary . This probably was a long time ago since we did not see any such facilities.


Channapatna is located 60 km away from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore state highway. Channapatna is famous for its wooden toys and lacquer ware. There are several home manufacturing units and small factories here carrying out the manufacture of the toys. The industry is being supported by Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation. Channapatna is also famous for raw silk and coconut products.

Hesaraghatta lake
Hesaraghatta which is 25 kms from Bangalore is famous for its very old lake that is artificially made, a horticulture farm and a dairy and is heaven for Boating & windsurfing enthusiasts. Nrityagrama, the famous academy for young dancers is located in this town where traditional dance forms are taught.

Ramanagaram is located 50 km away from Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The famous Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ was shot on the rocky terrains of Ramanagaram. The town is also known for rock climbing, stone and granite quarries, historic temples. A permit from Forest department is required for climbing here. Ramanagaram also has one of the biggest silk markets in India and is also called as the Silktown. Many threatened species of bird like the Yellow-throated Bulbul and Long-billed vultures are found in the forest around the hills here.

Janapada Loka
Sprawling across 15 acres, Janapada Loka or “folk-culture world” is a world of simplicity and art.Janapada Loka, a subsidiary of the Karnataka Janapada Parishath, is dedicated to preserve and promote folk art and culture. The complex has an art gallery, an open-air theatre, a studio and a museum. Janapada Loka is located near Ramanagaram and is 53 kms away from Bangalore.

A place near Bangalore that is loved by both nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. Bheemeshwari is close to 105 kms from Bangalore and is a beautiful place to go for trekking, rafting or just to laze around. The cauvery river is worth watching here as it swells to become a giant water body especially during monsoons. You can plan for river rafting as well which is insane fun on the rapid flow of water. The place in itself is beautiful so you can have a small trek and just admire the beauty and let go of your worries. You can ride to the place on your bike which adds charm to the overall journey.

Located quite near Bheemeshwari and around 95 kilometers from Bangalore, Galibore is a lovely place to camp. The entire locale it seems has been customized by nature just for enthusiastic campers! Wilderness all around, huge trees like Terminalia Arjuna adding to the ‘wilderness effect’, the rushing river right in front of and undulating hills on either sides are at par with perfection, making your adventure vacation one that will be truly memorable. Wildlife enthusiasts can eat their heart out as wild elephants come to the banks often to quench their thirst and play around. You may also spot crocodiles, turtles and birds of different varieties.

This place is situated around 6 kilometers beyond Bheemeshwari. What makes Doddamakali stand out is the fact that it is so naturally beautiful, it seems as though time has forgot to touch this place. Since it is at a remote location, you will enjoy solitude here like nowhere else. At this place, the River Kaveri collects into a large pool and the water is almost devoid of currents due to the stillness. This makes it perfectly ideal for water-sports. There are around 6 tents here and the staff is very co-operative when it comes to making you feel comfortable.

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A little away from the city is Ramohalli 28 kms, a picturesque picnic spot, that boasts of a 400-year old sprawling banyan tree, spread over 4 acres. The region around Bangalore is dotted with gigantic rock formations, the two notable ones being Shivaganga (4599 ft. high) and Savandurga. The latter used to be a fortress and the hideout of Kempe Gowda.

Nrityagram is a village of dancing features and Taj Kuteeram, a place of comfort and great hospitality. It’s a place nearby Bangalore for full enjoyment and blast. Your family picnic to this place will surely going to be a lifelong memorable experience.

Many more names are still left in this big list. One can find the destination of choice around Bangalore city. If you are planning for your vacation, then we suggest you the city Bangalore. And if you are going to Bangalore then don’t miss these beautiful, adorable and adventures places.


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