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Sarahan (1,920 metres) is a small village and beautiful Hill Station in the western Himalayas has a setting that only the Gods could have created. This was where Banasura of the leg-end ruled. One night his beautiful daughter, Usha, had a dream. She saw a prince more handsome and far stronger than any man. And when she woke, Usha pined for that prince and told her friend, Chitralekha, about him. Based on Usha’s vivid description, Chitralekha made his portrait. Partially consoled, Usha kept that picture close to her. Then Chitralekha vowed she would search the world over for that prince and bring him to Usha.

For a long time, Chitralekha wandered till one day she saw Aniruddha, Lord Krishna’s son. Here was the prince of Usha’s dream! As Aniruddha slept, Chitralekha picked up the bed and brought him to Usha. But the moment Lord Krishna heard of his son’s abduction, he marched with his army against Usha’ s father. Banasura who hadn’t a clue what the battle was all about was defeated. And then the story of the dream was told. Magnanimous as ever, Lord Krishna married his son to Usha and as dowry gave back the defeated Banasura his kingdom of Shonitpur, which is regarded to be the present day Sarahan.

Banasura could not have chosen a more beautiful place to rule. This small village in the western Himalayas has a setting that only the Gods could have created. Far below in the valley, and miles out of its source in Mansarovar, tumbles the river Sutlej. Across lies Shrikhand and the other snow covered peaks, some so sacred that none may climb them. It is a land closely connected with the epic Mahabharata and the exile of the Pandavas. Alongside Shrikhand is a huge Shivalinga, the Bhimadwar that is visible from Sarahan and is said to have been built by that mountain of a man, Bhima. Around Sarahan itself are fields and orchards, small villages and thick forests.

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Famous Sarahan Places to Visit

Bhimkali Temple Complex

This historical temple or Shrine is a multistory structural building fusion of Hindu and Bhuddist architecture, the tall-tower like structures and unusual roof dominates the complex. The centuries old temple is now locked and in the new built temple the goddess Bhimakali is portrayed as maiden and as a woman. This temple complex includes other temples such as Narsing Shrine of Bhairon and Lord Raghunath.

Bhaba Valley – [50 km from Sarahan]

A beautiful valley along Bhaba river. Link road to valley originates at Wangtu. It has a beautiful land scape, Reservoir Lake and alpine meadows and is the base route for famous trek route to Pin Valley in Spiti.

Trekking In Sarahan :
Sarahan is the base for some of Himachal’s finest treks and is also the doorway to Kinnaur’s untrammeled beauty. The more popular ones are those going to Badahal, Sangla and Shrikhand Peak. The treks are however open only between April and June and September-October.

How to Reach Sarahan

Air: The airport nearest to Sarahan is Jubbarhatti in Shimla. From Shimla, Sarahan is at a distance of 175-kms. One has to then take a bus or a private taxi to go to Sarahan.

Rail : Another alternative to Sarahan is to take a train to Shimla and then take a private taxi or a bus run by the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation to Sarahan.

Road: There is no airport or railway station at Sarahan; so, the only access is by road.

Sarahan Map

Himachal Pradesh, India

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