The MakeMyTrip Credit Card: Making Your Trips Even Better

Any avid traveller will be familiar with the MakeMyTrip travel website, which can help holiday dreams become a reality. It’s the most popular travel site in India, and for very good reason – the deals to be had, on flights and hotels, are as amazing as the destinations on offer. If you’re a frequent traveller, MakeMyTrip might be a first port of call, but what about affording your next adventure? Surely, there should be a way to benefit from spending, both on MakeMyTrip and elsewhere? A benefit that can be cashed in, at a later date? Well now there is – in the form of the brand new MakeMyTrip credit card.

When you sign up for the card, you’ll automatically receive a welcome gift, in the form of vouchers (worth Rs. 9000) which you can spend on the MakeMyTrip website, which can then be used for domestic and international flights, hotels and holiday bookings. You will also receive a 5% discount on every MakeMyTrip booking that you make using the credit card, which means that you can fund your next trip that little bit sooner than you may have expected. If you wish to adopt good practices, you should look to paying off the credit card balance as soon as you can, rather than opting for minimum payments, so that the bills don’t get out of control. We all know how easy it can be to overspend, especially when you’re travelling for pleasure and not business, so don’t let using a credit card be an excuse for blowing the budget.
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Want more? Spend Rs. 1.25 lacs and receive a MakeMyTrip voucher worth Rs. 2000; spend Rs. 2.5 lacs and your voucher will be bumped up to Rs. 5000. It’s a simple concept – the most you spend on your MakeMyTrip credit card, the more you have to spend on the MakeMyTrip website. The perfect rewards program for frequent travellers.

In addition, for every Rs. 100 you spend on the credit card, you can earn 2 PAYBACK points, and if you use your card on MakeMyTrip, you can earn up to 6 PAYBACK points for every Rs. 100 you spend. Not only this, but you can earn the points through 50 PAYBACK partner brands, too, which can then accumulate and be spent on a variety of products whenever you choose.

You can enjoy all of these benefits for an annual fee that is as little as Rs. 750 (which goes up to Rs. 1000 after the first year). If you earn Rs. 6 lacs or more, live in India and have an Indian bank account, and of course, have a credit history that reflects your good financial behaviour, then what are you waiting for?

The idea of a credit card isn’t for everyone, but as long as they’re not exploited and used as an excuse to overspend, they can offer their bearer a huge amount of benefits, depending on the card. The MakeMyTrip credit card is perfect for frequent travellers, and can help you to realise your travelling dreams, while making a little back in the process to spend on future travelling dreams! And as it can be used worldwide it’s the perfect globetrotting card for globetrotters. Why not make it one of your travel essentials?


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