Daulatabad is an interesting place to visit in Maharashtra in India. It is quite historic and there are plenty of attractive sights and sounds which one can explore upon arrival over here. The city has been in existence for the last five hundred years and has been attracting tourists from all over the world. The ideal time when one should make a visit is in the season of autumn, that is, the months between September and November as sightseeing can be done quite comfortably by tourists at this time of the year over here.

There are a number of points that one has to keep in mind when visiting the Daulatabad Fort. The first thing to remember is that tickets have to be bought in order to be able to enter the fort. These are sold in an office right at the entrance of the fort. Secondly if one intends to take a camera inside the fort for the purpose of taking pictures and videos then one would have to spend an extra amount of money. This is however quite minimal and will not be likely to pinch the pocket of the traveler in any way at all.

One should make use of the hired car services in order to travel to the fort area in the city of Daulatabad. The drivers of the hired cars are well versed with every destination and can take you there in a smooth and hassle free manner. You do not have to worry about losing your way when you choose to travel with the help of the hired car services in the city. Often, the drivers of these cars can also pass for well informed guides who can give you good information about the city and its past.

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