The Top 7 Offbeat Destinations in Rajasthan

Desert sands, ghee-soaked delicacies, folk music to make you sway, a camp in the tent, an array of colourful clothes decked with mirrors and wonderful hand paintings – if these things evoke interest and enthusiasm in you, then you should head to Rajasthan the next time you plan a vacation. The state of Rajasthan is not just a land of deserts and camels; it has surprising pockets of colours, fun, serenity, and of course, camels!! You just have heard a lot about the heat of Rajasthan and many people have been impressed with the colourful array of clothes and accessories (for both men and women!) that can be found in almost all corners of the state, but did you know that there are other offbeat destinations that can be explored here which you will never find in any other part of the world? It has a soul that is enchanting, and that is why you find so many people planning destination weddings in this fabulous place!

In this blog, some such offbeat destinations of Rajasthan have been discussed for you to go and explore. Enjoy the regular tourist destinations of vibrant and majestic havelis and the sand dunes’ drives late night, but add to the overall charm of your travel by including the following places in your travel list too!

Nana village, Pali – Pali is known for a number of different things but did you know that the people of villages such as Nana organize prayer meetings at the verandas of common people’s homes. These prayer meetings are not the regular ones, which involve a lot of silence, meditation, chanting of hymns, or a preacher talking about esoteric things. In these meetings, people laugh, talk freely, men in turbans of different hues wear simple clothes but play extraordinary tunes from indigenous instruments that you will probably never see on any brand endorsed stage. Late in the night, sit amongst the men and women and enjoy those lilting tunes with the warm breeze blowing on your face and experience a tribal prayer meeting of an entirely different sort. When the musicians become very passionate, you can even enjoy them standing and slowly twirling around singing their lyrical songs and thumping on the ground while they continue to play their instruments.
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Jaisalmer – Yes, this will probably be on your must-visit list and for a good reason. Along with Jaipur and Jodhpur, Jaisalmer is also known to be one of the best places to have a splendid destination wedding. But there is something else that you can try here and which will touch your heart even more. Leave aside the worries of your city life and sleep under open skies on the cool sand dunes. You can enjoy a camel ride before or after this experience, but don’t miss out on the chance to lie on a mattress and warm blanket, when you can see the stars in the sky above so bright that you feel like you can reach out and pluck them straight into your arms.

Hunting Lodge, Pali – Another wonderful offering of Pali, you can stay in wonderful lodges that are not only extremely comfortable but also filled with interesting things that you can observe to your heart’s content. Mud huts with thatched roofs, in-house restaurants, extremely hospitable Lodge staff and tales of royalty staying in the same places – what else can you ask for without spending a fortune?!

Kuldehra – This one’s not for the faint hearted! If you enjoy a touch of mystery and adventure, then you must include a visit to Kuldehra where it us believe a whole tribe was abandoned. There are magnificent ruins here that you can explore to know how different communities used to live here hundreds of years back, and the Suryagarh trail, which is supposed to be “haunted”, is the only trail that you can use to visit this place after dark. A tale by the guide on a cool night that is loaded with tales of ghosts and past mysterious incidents will make you wish you were living there yourself about 600 years back!

Padampura – If you’ve had your share of camel rides and now want something sleek and speedy to cover long distances, then you should indulge in some horse riding! There are several pure-bred horses that can be found in this area, and these are known as Marwari horses because they are especially dear to the Marwari people, who raise them from the time they are cute foals! Be assured that your rides on these gorgeous beasts are completely safe because there are trained horses and riding instructors to be with you throughout your riding expedition.

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Bhap Village in Phalodi – Another interesting and offbeat destination of Rajasthan, this is the place where you can enjoy the unique experience of staying on the banks of salt lakes! There are organized trips and stays organized on the banks of one of the many salt lakes that can be found in this region, and where you can sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea while you see how experts extract salt from the shallow lakes.

Outskirts of Jaipur – Organic farms in Rajasthan – who could’ve thought of it! But this is a fact that you can find and also enjoy in a place that is just about an hour from Jaipur. Complete with mud huts and thatched roofs, khatiyas, and food straight from the chulhas, this place is guaranteed to leave you with memories that will make you appreciate nature more even when you stay in the city for the rest of your life.
There are plenty of other offbeat destinations in Rajasthan that you can explore if you put your mind and efforts into it. And if you need help, then just ask those who have been to such places so you can be inspired to follow their footsteps and enjoy an experience that is much different from the usual ones.

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