Tips to consider while traveling to India

There are myriad of things that you need to consider and do before you are planning to travel to India. These steps and information offers you a deep insight on how to get trip planned and organized in stipulated time frame. These tips will hopefully take out the stress from your preparations.

Decide where you plan to visit

The first and foremost step is to decide you need to visit in India. It is the only thing that causes problem of headaches and indecision. India is potpourri of different places; hence it is bit difficult to decide where to go, especially if you have time constraints. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a guidebook. It will help to plan the trip well. A good guide book will offer snippets of information, recommendations and must visit places.

Book flight in advance

Majority of the people don’t prefer to make reservations in advance for transport in India, because they don’t want to remain in constraints of set itineraries. However, the number of people traveling to India is greatly increased, as train travel is cheaper as compared to flights. Some trains fill up in advance on popular destinations during holiday times, thus making early holiday booking a must. Advance reservations are not at all necessary for the trains, however majority of the airlines offer early bird discount offers. So, one can grab it and enjoy destination to utmost.

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Book accommodations

It is crucial to book accommodations in advance. The reason is you will great deals by walking and negotiating. It is really a nice idea to book accommodations in advance, especially for major tourist spots like Delhi. International flights generally arrive at night and its not easy to find accommodation in a disoriented place. Majority of the people prey tourists and take them to inferior quality hotels where they are paid commission for doing that job.

Visit nearby doctor

India is a developing nation, hence health of travellers is crucial and must. You need to visit to a doctor well in advance to find out precautions that need to be undertaken in case of certain illness. The medications and immunization totally depends upon the region that you plan to visit. For instance, some places are prone to malaria, others have little risk of infection. Another thing to consider is time of the year. During and straight after the monsoon the risk increases deadily.

Get Visa in advance

All visitors who are planning to visit India, except people from the neighbouring cities of Nepal and Bhutan, Indian visa is must. It must be obtained before arrival to India and there is no provision for the issuance of visa on arrival. Visitors who are staying India for less than 72 hours can buy a Transit Visa otherwise Tourist visa is important.

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