Quick Fixes for your travelling woes

It is generally said that travel is the only way that makes you wealthier. Though it is always pleasant to gaze at beautiful rivers and hill as they pass through the window of the train. But do you know that journeying can take a toll of your beauty. Here are some tips that you need to know after travelling from a long distance.

Skin Problem– Your skin becomes extremely dry and flaky, especially if you are travelling to Rajasthan because of weather change. The solution to this problem is to keep your skin hydrated. So, while travelling to such places avoid alcohol, as it can dehydrate the skin.

Swollen Legs– Sitting at a particular place while travelling can reduce the blood flow, so it is advised to get up and walk around a little every couple of hours to enhance blood circulation. Now, it’s not possible in case, you are travelling through air plane. Hence, in such cases apply cedar oil to your legs to improve the blood circulation in the legs. It is a quick fix for the most common problem that most of the people face.

Dark Circles– If you love to travel and explore the new world, then dark circles is the common problem or woe that you might face. For this kind of problem use cold tea bags to cool your eyes and another solution is to apply sunscreen solution may be SPF 30 or more to protect the skin from sun damage. Too much exposure to sun can lead to wrinkles and freckles. Hence, one should take several steps to avoid it.

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Acne- Another common travelling woe that many people experience is acne problem. Though there are innumerable face wash available in the market to protect the skin from such problems. But the solution is too simple and is grandma tested. Wondering what it is? Well, it is simple, wash your hands before eating a meal and the best way to avoid this travelling woe is to use hand sanitizer, so that your hands are clean and no dust is passed from hand to your face. Another way to avoid this woe is to remove the make up before going to the bed and in meanwhile doesn’t forget to apply non- comedogenic lotion, as it doesn’t block the skin pores. This is easiest way to avoid the most common travelling problem that many people face.

Rough and Dry Hair– We all know that quality of water at different places is difference, like if you are visiting Agra, the most common problem that you may face is coarse hair because calcium gets absorbed in the hair, while shampooing. In such a case, before shampooing your hair, it is better to rinse off your hair with bottled water. In case of soft water, use a dry shampoo and condition it later.

Rough Feet– Another problem faced by the travelers is of dry feet. The best solution of this problem is to apply glycerin on it before taking beauty sleep. It will moisture them on overnight basis . Plus it will solve the problem of your cracked heels.

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