Top 5 best shopping places in India

India is one country in the world whose shopping aspect has drawn admiration worldwide, the last ten years has witnessed the emergence of many shopping malls coming up. Shopping in India is unique due to the fact that a shopper can use up his or her credit card to the limit, the country is known for reasonably priced textiles, handicrafts and gift items. There is always a convenient shopping center in all its cities; every city in the country has something to offer shoppers. Let’s see different places which are an ideal for shopping across the country.

Lulu International Shopping Mall, Kochi:

a) The shopping mall is found in Kerala state of India in a city known as Kochi, the mall is the largest and biggest in the entire India. The mall has one of the largest area covering 17,000,000 square feet, this makes it one of the largest place to shop in many countries.
b) The shopping complex was established by a non-citizen of the country, the Dubai based businessman Mr. A.M Youssef Ali. It was inaugurated in October 2013 making it also one of the latest in the region. It has up to five floors of many stores and restaurants to shop.
c) The mall boasts up to 3 restaurants with fully equipped 18 kitchen cuisines, the restaurants can feed more than 4,500 people at any given time. Once a visitor has shopped the restaurants offer a good place to relax and recoup.
d) The mall has at least 9 Cinema Multiplex with Screen of PVR to entertain visitors and families, party halls, Amusements, Arcade games and 5D Cinemas, Shops, banks and Foreign Exchange Centers.

Phoenix Market city, Mumbai:

a) The market city is found in Mumbai city which is one of the largest economic cities in the country; it’s located in the heart of the city. It is the largest shopping mall in Mumbai and Maharashtra, its largest in size and capacity at 4,500,000 square ft.
b) It is a major tourist’s attraction in the city and the country, both local and foreign tourists find it ideal to visit and explore.
c) It has more than 600 shops and store with various stocks, but these aren’t just small shops, talk of big supermarkets and stores with thousands of good to purchase. It has also other facilities like banks, medical centers and more.
d) There are several entertainment centers with Multiples Cinemas featuring 14 movies Screens; the mall has 20 restaurants right inside it offering shoppers a nice time after shopping.

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Phoenix Market in Pune:

a) This is another branch of the Phoenix Market city but now found in Pune city, the mall is considered the third in size and shopping area in the entire India. It has a total area of 3,400,000 square feet in all its floors.
b) Pune city in India is becoming popular lately owing to its IT exploits, many shoppers around the world find it as an ideal place to shop for IT related products and accessories.
c) The mall is the most entertaining place to visit in Pune city, it’s also a tourist’ favorite place in the city and the province. It has many entertainment points to visit especially during families’ weekends, Multiplex Cinemas and children’s parks.
d) It is well endowed with food courts/Plaza, outlets and stores, banking halls, exchange centers and more.

Phoenix Market of Chennai Tamil Nadu:

a) The shopping place features in the fourth position in terms of size and capacity, the Market is built within the Tamil Nadu region in Chennai. The mall is the largest in Chennai city and Tamil Nadu region where it’s built.
b) It covers up to 300 outlets of large store and supermarkets housed in it; it has a well-appointed Boutique Hotel with more than 30 rooms. Other food courts are available to refresh visitors.
c) It has Foreign exchange centers, Mehandi, stores selling top brands and supermarkets, professional offices for lawyers, Doctors, beauty parlous and more.
d) Entertainments facilities also available inside it, amphitheater with unique Club facilities to enjoy, a multilevel Car pack facilities and more.

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Mantri Square Mall, Bangalore:

a) The mall is the fifth biggest and largest shopping place in India; it’s also the largest shopping place in Bangalore with an area of 1,700,000 square ft. There are many tourist activities in the mall and the city in Toto.
b) Bangalore city is the Silicon Valley in the India where information technology is at its best, the city is ever thronged with many study tourists locally and internationally. The shopping mall is just in the right place for many interests.
c) The mall is visited by at least 1.6 million shoppers monthly, it has 240 outlets with various brands to shop. It has more than 11,000 brands housed in it for great shopping experience.
d) It has several food courts, Multiplex: Inox Cinemas for entertainments, restaurants and hotels for refreshments and to cater for hospitality.

There are many other shopping places in India spread across the country where you can enjoy shopping.

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