While the first COVID-19 case in India was reported in the last week of January, the pandemic still continues to strike the country with a death toll of 8 (till 24th March 2020). Both the state and central governments are taking some significant measures to combat the pandemic. Till 24th March, 30 states have been brought under a lockdown. With emergency services still going on during the lockdown period, commoners are advised to stay at home without involving in a mass gathering.

Along with the lockdown period span, trains and domestic flights were initially canceled till 31st March 2020. But following the recent address of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 24 March, the entire country will come to a lockdown for the next 21 days from 25 March midnight.  Moreover, with the regulation of ‘work from home’, schools, universities and workplaces will remain to shut down till the same.

The executive director of the World Health Organization, Michael J Ryan Tuesday said that India’s role in eradicating the epidemics of polio and smallpox is worth mentioning. In the current situation of COVID 19, the country can use its past experience to combat the effects of the novel coronavirus. He also added that in a densely populated country like India, the future of the virus will be well considered. It is very important that India shows the way to the world as they have done before.

Meanwhile, curfew has been imposed on states like Punjab, Maharashtra, and Pondicherry. Masses are strictly advised to stay home and not to come out unless and until absolutely necessary. Police forces have also been deployed at various check posts to ensure social distancing and prevent the congregation of people.

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