10 best biking routes in India


Fascinating country-side, Virgin treks with clandestine touch of raw aggression and sense of achievement that surround the bikes taken out in a great sojourn across various places in India. India remains a biking hot spot given the varying topography and superb routes. Evergreen forests branched under the well decked snow-peaked mountains and desert sand dunes that make the journey tough and challenging, biking is one activity that brings out the best side of a man.

1. Srinagar-Leh National Highway

One of the newest routes on the block, the Srinagar-Leh Highway is an amazing route to discover the magic of staggering mountain peaks and blue water bodies serenading across the pebbled roads and olive green forest cover. Now named the Highway 1D, the new road follows the trek of the Treaty Road that was carved out in the year 1870 by Maharaja Ranbir Singh as part of a treaty with Thomas Forsyth to join Central Asia with Srinagar; the Srinagar Leh highway was declared a National highway in 2006. The 422 kilometers of ultimate road trip becomes difficult when done on a bike. Explore the 14,000 feet Fotu La Pass and the 12,000 feet Zozi La passes, considered the most serene figures in the valley. Pass through one of the most authentic Kashmir life with Drass village located at 170 kilometers from Srinagar.

Beat the reputation that comes second only to Siberia in the list of coldest regions in the world.

2. Spiti Valley

Geographically, Spiti is a land between Tibet and India. This Himachal ecstasy is a paradise for fanatic bikers. Open sky and uninterrupted traffic, Spiti offers exceptional experience that showcases the life of monks walking past you and the only colours in the horizon are marked by the Buddhist hope flags.
Explore the virgin peaks of Himalayas overlooking the valley in opulence. Nearby regions include Kinaur, Lahaul and Kulu. Route along the road begins its carnival at Shimla and continues along the river Beas till Manali. Best biking season remains from April to October. Separated from the mainland by Rohtang pass and the Kunzum Pass, Spiti is magnificent biking trip ready to be devoured this season.

3. Rajasthani ordeal

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The land of colossal challenges, Rajasthan offers great biking destination. Explore the desert from the cities like Jaisalmer, Udaipur till Ganganagar that lies precariously close to the Indian international border. Stretch of barren lands dueled only by poisonous reptiles, camels and desert cats, Rajasthan is a hard destination to crack. The great Indian Thar is a miraculous reflection of the royalty of the Princely state. Palaces, temples and exotic water bodies make this a perfect biking destination. If luck is by your side, you may turn the time at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Ranathambhore National Park. Fly along the trails of Flamingos that arrive in India from Siberia as part of annual migration.

4. Rann of Kutch

This remains an elusive territory still to be explored fully as a prized biking destination. Barren streaks, minimum vegetation marred by salt pans and sultry sun beating down on every life form that exists in this region. The ideal place to begin the journey is Surendranagar. Bikers can jump into the Kutch and leave a trail across the holy Nadeshwari or the ancient city of Dholavira. Foray into ceaselessly unlimited land form at the Khavda leading upto the Arabian Sea at Lakhpat.

5. Daman- Mumbai NH17

One of the most fascinating and soul satisfying biking route, the NH17 offers multiple biking destinations leading from Daman right up to Goa. Cover the gold beaches along the Arabian Sea. The 750 kilometre biking arena is god-send experience for those who want to beat the blue of everyday boredom and achieve a medallion in craziness of a lifetime.

Once inhabited by the Parsi and the Portuguese, explore the gems of medieval India at Dahanu, Golvad and Jawahar. At just over 100 kilometres from Mumbai, the virgin beaches at Kelve and Bordi await most memorable getaways in the region.

6. Kolli Hills

Notorious in the biking world as the ‘Hairpin Ordeal’, Koli Hills is tagged as the valley of death. Escape into the tropical stretch of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu to the Kola Mallai that features in the most of Southern literary works. Dawn the biking trek along the Periyar and Alaawaye. With most hills in the range of 1000 to 1500 meters, the area covers around 280 square kilometres of area.

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7. Darjeeling- Gangtok route

Eye-catching, dangerous and glaringly close to comfort for most riders, Darjeeling to Siliguri route is a challenging journey. Blend into the harmony of Buddhism and Hinduism on the mountain trails of the greater Himalayas. Route till the foot of the Kanchenjunga and make way into the hilly market places in Gangtok. Best to ride between April and October, the risk is highest in this route owing to landslides and rainfall.

8. Valparai-Vazhachal Forest

The best monsoon trek for bikers is the Valparai and Vazhachal forest trail in the banana county of Kerala. Plantations and sloping fields make a great route. Feel connected with the southern beauty at Pollachi in Tamil Nadu making way into Chalakudy in Kerala The ride guarantees amazing thrill in the clouded backdrops and spine-chilling bends.

9. Khajuraho to Pench: Agra Bombay Road

Never given the rightful place in the biking destination, the jewel of Central India is a prized footprint to trail in any season. Be it the classic temple of Khajuraho or the Orcha pillars, Madhya Pradesh is a great biking destination. Places like Ujjain, Omkareshwar, Malwa, Mandu, Pench, Bandhavgarh National Park and Kanha lined by gallery of ancient marvels like Sanchi offer amazing biking destinations.

10. Meghalaya-Arunachal Pradesh

The North east part of the country remains oblivious to biking fanatics given the treacherous paths and fatal road conditions that line the nature’s most blissful life forms and physical elements. Explore the snaky curves at Bombila Pass and Twang lining the river Brahmaputra. Follow Itanagar right upto Dibrugarh amidst chilling weather conditions made horrendous by persistent rainfall.

Take on the challenge of the nature and step on the pedal to high altitudes and coastal belts along the hills, sweeping the wheels around snake-like curves and straight never ending horizon in sun and under the moon. GO for it!!!


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