A few species that you would have never thought of finding in India

This world is indeed full of wonders. We come across a lot of species of animals every day. Some we see in front of us while when it comes to others, we just hear about them. Thanks to a lot of information that are available these days right at our fingertips, we already are aware of the existence of numerous species of animals on this earth. While some we know are specific to certain parts of the world, there are a few others, which are found all over of the world.

The location, terrain, climate, and flora determine the type of animals that will be found in one particular place. However, sometimes you will be surprised by the presence of certain animals in certain places, where you would have never expected to find them.

Well, India happens to be the home of 4 out of 25 biodiversity spots in the world, so be prepared to come across a few surprising species here, especially in the regions of the Himalayas, the Eastern and Western Ghats. Let’s take a look at some of the most unexpected animals that are found in India:

  1. The colour purple: You will come across a large variety of frogs in this country; however, imagine a bulbous sized one and that too in the colour purple! This is called the Indian Purple Frog, and it also happens to fall in the category of endangered species. Though the local people were well aware of the existence of this purple frog, it was only in 2003 that this amphibian was “discovered” and accorded a name in the books! These poor fellows found in the Western Ghats are fast depleting in numbers, and the government is trying their best to keep them from becoming extinct.
  2. It’s all about being slender: Okay, so if you dare or care to venture into dense canopy rain forests during the night, then do not be surprised to come across a slender Though this species basically seems to be extremely un-Indian in nature, they are actually native to this land! They are arboreal and nocturnal. The slender lorris is celebrated for its excellent vision during the night time.
  3. A little about Hogs: Hogs are found here and there in India, but a Pygmy Hog– well, not so common! These little fellows that generally roam about in the foothill regions of the Himalayas are in serious danger. They are really fast decreasing in number and are hence critically endangered. It is a possibility that this particular species may not see the light of day after about 10 years.
  4. Time for some marine fun: Dugong, which belongs to order Sirenia, is found roaming around in the blue depths of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It looks almost like a whale, but it is comparatively shorter in size. Its skin and oil had a lot of value in the market, and hence, they used to be hunted.
  5. Flying high: There is practically nothing that you will come across in the rainforests of the Western Ghats, and the Flying Squirrel is one of the wonders that you will find here. Nocturnal by habit and arboreal by nature, this species happens to be a rather interesting species.
  6. Interesting ungulates: While roaming around the mountainous regions of the Himalayas, you will surely come across the Red Goral. These ungulates are even-toed like the most common one- cow, giraffes, etc. These large animals frequently fall prey to hunting.
  7. A real bloodsucker: A horror of all horrors, you have the vampire bats in India. This particular species that belongs to the genus Megadermatidae is the only type that feeds on the blood of various reptiles, insects, etc.
  8. Feline fun: The Caracal is particular kind of wild cat that is found mainly in the dry forest regions of the country. They are really the fastest of all in their species and also one of the heaviest!
  9. When snakes fly: The Chrysopelea is a flying snake that is mainly found in the southeastern region of the continent of Asia. These snakes can actually jump from a very high branch to another and travel quite a distance, which makes it looks like its flying. The only saving grace for us is that these snakes are very mildly venomous.
  10. A little small deer: Do you which is the smallest one in the deer family? Well, it’s the Indian Chevrotain. These are also popularly known as mouse deer. Expect to find them in the Western and Eastern Ghat regions and that too at night.
  11. Monkey Fun: If you roam about in some of the jungle areas of Tripura, Mizoram, and Assam, you will definitely come across the Phayre’s Leaf Monkey. This belongs to the langur or lutung species, and it also happens to be the state animal of Tripura.
  12. Of pigeons and more: Found only in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the Nicobar pigeon. They are exceedingly beautiful, and their bluish-greenish hue of a grey backdrop makes it one of the perfect creations that Mother Nature has produced. However, it is feared to become endangered soon since these pigeons are found only in these islands and not anywhere else.
  13. Our little desert friends: If you walk along the Thar Desert in India, you will notice really small animals that will scurry past you or burrow holes into the ground. Well, these are the Indian Desert Jirds! Gujarat and Rajasthan are the two places where these animals are found.
  14. Spider, Spider on the wall: Confined to only some of the forest regions of Andhra Pradesh, the Gooty Tarantulas are some of the most terrifying-looking creatures that walk on the surface of this earth!
  15. It all started with apes: The Hoolock Gibbon, that is found only in a sanctuary in Assam is the only species of ape that is found in this country. They are nocturnal by nature too.
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Well, now you know about 15 of the most unexpected species that you will come across in the various regions of India. Convinced that there are a few more? Well, keep on adding to the list!

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