Danger Calling: Top 10 places too dangerous to visit in India

It is a common conception that those, which are truly beautiful have a dangerous secret. This is a fact that can be proved by some places that are there in India, which are renowned for their beauty but are feared to tread upon because of the dangerous terrain. Some of these places are relatively unexplored for their treacherous terrain while some of them are little known. No matter what, these exceedingly beautiful places are feared as well as loved because they are close to unapproachable.

If you are a travelling enthusiast, and you do wish to explore some of the most susceptible yet gorgeous places that are in this world, then you might try out certain places in India. Thanks to the large variety of landscapes, there are indeed many places in India that are famous for their tourism whereas there are places that are coveted for their beauty yet dreaded since they are close to being inaccessible and inhospitable.

Let’s take a look at 10 such places that are dangerous and yet at the same time, exceedingly beautiful:

[Note: It is crucial to remember that the places that are being cited are not being discouraged as places of tourist interest.]

  1. Barren Islands in Andaman: Who doesn’t know that active volcanoes are dangerous? But did you know that hundred times more beautiful! Dangerous and life threatening but at the same time one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. You can witness the wonder of volcanic eruptions at the Barren Islands in Andaman. You can book a flight ticket and fly out to this union territory of India. No one is allowed to go on the Barren Islands for obvious reasons. You can watch from a distance the constant eruptions that occur from this active volcano. You will have to see it to believe it!

  1. Aksai Chin in Jammu and Kashmir: Many areas in Jammu and Kashmir are slated to be quite prone to both internal as well as external attack. However, the state is so beautiful in its own right that all the political unrest regarding the state cannot in any way deter the tourists. There is one particular area known as Aksai Chin, which is an area of ceasefire! It is, basically, a line that separates the part of the state under India’s rule from the part that is under China’s rule. This is also popularly referred to as the LAC or the Line of Actual Control. The beautiful Pangong Lake in Ladakh is one such place through which this LAC passes. Just try and imagine how beautifully dangerous this place is!
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  1. Silent Valley National Park in Kerala: This virgin un-tampered beauty is a treat for the sore eyes of the metropolitan. Surrounded by greenery all over, it is really like taking a walk through the wilds. However, the recent disturbances in this area by Maoists, is the main reason due to which tourists are shying away from this park. It really is a place that has potential danger, and hence, it is not safe to wander about here.

  1. Tura in Meghalaya: You will find that often the most beautiful and breathtaking ones have become almost inaccessible thanks to notorious human activities. Tura is, basically, a little town that boasts of lush greenery, mountain slopes, and wandering clouds! However, thanks to terrorist activities of some northeast groups, this has become one of the most dangerous places in the country, and hence, tourists decide to give this picturesque town a miss.

  1. Manas National Park in Assam: Okay, so this one of the most coveted and well-maintained wildlife sanctuaries of the country. However, an incident in 2011 has left this place unsafe for tourists. Six WWF officials, in 2011, were kidnapped by the Bodo militants from here! Then onwards, this place has been one of the beautiful yet less visited tourist spots.

  1. Chambal River Basin in Madhya Pradesh: This is the place that is infamous for its dacoits. It is believed that some of the most ferocious dacoits have existed in the Chambal region. Many Bollywood films have been made on the life stories of dacoits or “daku” hailing from this region. A general fear persists amongst the people about this place, and hence, it is avoided.

  1. Haflong in Assam: Haflong is a small town located in the NC Hills of Assam. Lush greenery and enchanting slopes are what characterize this entire region, making it not only a great place to visit but also a place to enjoy a nice stay. However, again due to constant militant activities that persist in this region, it is becoming extremely difficult to portray this town as a desirable tourist destination!
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  1. Phulbani in Orissa: If you travel about 200kms or so from the main city of Bhubaneshwar, you will come across a place that is known not just for its Maoist activities, but also because of its extreme beauty. This place boasts of beautiful scenery, but yet again this cannot be promoted as a tourist spot, thanks to the militant activities that go on in this region.

  1. Bastar in Chattisgarh: Well, it seems the more beautiful a place is, the more prone is it to militant activities. The Naxalites are often spotted due to their notorious activities in this region, and hence, in spite of hosting a raging waterfall, Chitrakoot, this area remains devoid of tourist activities. It is just a shame that such beautiful places remain relatively unexplored due to such political disturbances.

  1. Nicobar Islands: Not due to danger, but primarily due to accessibility difficulties this place remains comparatively unexplored today. The tribal belt in this region is home to many indigenous people, some of whom have not been exposed to modern technology even! It might get a little dangerous if tourists begin to probe around their homes and land, and hence, the government does not allow people to visit these places until and unless the reason is a legitimate one, often related to research.

So, these are some of the most exciting, beautiful and not to mention, dangerous places of the country. If you are brave enough, you can give a few of these a shot!

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