Spine Chills and Goosebumps: 10 of the Most Haunting Places in India

Do you enjoy a nice ghost story? Have you wished all your life to travel to some really haunted and spooky places? Well, then India has some very interesting and very much haunted places that you can check out!

India is indeed a land of many myths and legends. These stories that every Indian child grows up hearing make room for a lot of mysteries and conjectures. Sometimes legends, sometimes superstitions, all these combined have led to the development of the tales of many unexplained occurrences. A few eerie sounds, a sudden rustling of leaves in the most opportune moment are definitely some of the factors that are responsible for some of the places being called haunted. However, there are a few places that really are spooky and will surely give you the jeepers.

Want to try out some really spooky fun? Check out these places in India that are rumoured to be haunted:

  1. Agrasen ki Baoli in New Delhi: Delhi is famous for a lot of things- food, clothes, for being the political hotbed of the country, famous architecture, etc. In short, if you want to get a taste of India, Delhi is the place that you should visit first. Now thanks to this 14th-century step well, Delhi has become the complete package. This well boasts of beautiful architecture, and hence, has found its way into many Bollywood movies. Raja Agrasen had commissioned the construction of this step well. However, it is believed that when there used to water in this well, it was completely black, and spirits used to entice a large number of people to visit the depth, and hence, many had fallen prey to this hypnotic lure! Creepy, right?

  1. Tunnel No. 33 in Shimla: Shimla is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country. Due to its mountainous terrain, there are quite a few numbers of tunnels that you have to cross when you travel to Shimla. Of them, tunnel No.33 is the most celebrated one because of the fact that it is believed to be haunted. It is said that the spirit of Colonel Barog, who was a railway engineer during the British period, inhabits this long tunnel. Tunnels are in any case dark and scary, and that is why probably to ease out the tension a little, Colonel Barog decided never to do anything nasty. He is believed to be a “good ghost”!
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  1. Dumas Beach in Gujarat: This is certainly one beach that you wouldn’t want to walk on alone. It is believed that once this area used to be a burning ghat. Corpses were brought and alighted on pyres and cremated here. Now, this beach is a lonely place, and the sand has a slight burnt black edge to it. People often say that various whispers and cries are heard from time to time over here and that many have lost their lives on this beach! Now, whether that’s just the winds and rumours or whether there is actually something funny going on here, is something that you have to decide for yourself…

  1. GP Block in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: Ever thought that a couple of guys having a nice party could creep you out? Well, it can if they suddenly appear out of nowhere in GP Block! Though this house is quite frequented, people have time and again said that pretty strange stuff is sighted over here. The most common apparition sited over here is a group of girls and guys hanging out with each other. That’s surely one place that you wouldn’t want to party or are you brave enough to spend a night here?

  1. Malcha Mahal in Delhi: While some call it the “ghost of time,” others prefer to call it the spirit of the Begum Wilayat, whatever you may decide- the Malcha Mahal area will surely give you creeps. Eerie and quite spooky, the tale of the Begum committing suicide by drinking crushed diamonds is something that haunts everyone who passes this area!

  1. Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad: It is quite surprising that a place as busy as the Ramoji Film City is considered to be haunted, but the strange happenings that go on around here is something that you will make you think twice. It is believed that this film city was constructed on a land where once a great battle was fought where thousands had lost their lives. A sudden push or shove to the light man, tearing of clothes of girls by an invisible force – incidents like these have convinced people that the place is haunted.
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  1. Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi: Deserted and dilapidated, the pride of Feroz Shah now stands today as a breeding ground for paranormal activities. A number of suicides have taken place here, probably since the area is deserted, but they have led to the growth of the belief that paranormal activities go on around here!

  1. Dow Hill in Kursiang, West Bengal: Imagine that you are walking through the beautiful forests of Kursiang, and then, suddenly out of nowhere, you see an apparition of a headless boy, and in the blink of an eye he disappears! Well, this is what many woodsmen who work in this forest have complained of. Tourists who cross this area have also reported weird sightings!

  1. Shaniwarwada Fort in Pune: When it’s full moon, you wouldn’t want to be inside this palace fort! Shrieks of a little boy are heard penetrating throughout this place. It is believed that it is the voice of a prince who once lived here and was killed very ferociously. Though it is an architectural wonder, many tourists often give this place a miss.

  1. Brij Bhavan Palace in Kota: This heritage hotel once used to be a residence. It is believed that Major Burton was murdered here by the sepoys during the 1857 uprising here along with his two sons! People believe that the ghost of Major Burton stays here, but he does not harm anybody.

So, do you feel the chill running down your spine? If you dare, you can go and explore these beautiful yet haunted places. Feeling the Goosebumps yet?

Rahul Sharma

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