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Luni Vilage is situated 35 kms away from Jodhpur, it is a charming and cloistered village which reflects the royal past of Rajasthan. In Luni many artisans are still pursuing their ancestral profession of carving metal, clay or wood into intricate forms. Luni’s Fort Chanwa is an outstanding piece of elegance and proportion in Indian Architecture of the last century. The village of Luni is situated in the shadow of fort walls. This small bustling village invites innumerable tourists to the nearby fort.

History of Luni

Maharaja Jaswant Singh II Ruler of Jodhpur Marwar from 1876-1895 A.D is remembered as the benign Monarch who steered the administration and economy of Marwar away from chaos and instability to a period of sustained development and security and justice for all. Amongst the prominent civil servants in this Ruler’s coterie of adminstrators, was a young Charan by the name of Kaviraj Muraridanji. He was an astute politician and a farsighted adminstrator. In 1894 Kaviraj Muraridanji received in Jagir the little known hamlet of Chanwa. There he build an exquisite little fortress Palace today known as Fort Chanwa.

In 1941, however the village of Chanwa became “Khalsa” ( belonging to the State ) as, ironically Muraridanji fell victim to a law introduced by him in the best interest of Marwar, whereby feudal estates lacking a male successor and without a recognized adoption in the life time of the deceased Jagirdar were automatically resumed by the state, after his death.In the year 1948 Chanwa was granted in “Jagir” to Maharaja Dalip Singh, the youngest son of Maharaja Umaid Singh, However over the years the Fortress sank into years of neglect and decay.

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In 1992 inspired by a wave of successful restorations to heritage properties and encouraged by the burgeoning tourism traffic into western Rajasthan Maharaj Dalip Singh, the 24th generation of direct descent from Rao Jodha, ruler and founder of Jodhpur in the 15the century decided to throw open the gates of Chanwa to these new ‘invaders”.

Today Fort Chanwa restored to its pristine glory and charm by its proud owners Maharaj Dalip Singh and Rani Madhu Devi, warmly welcome travellers from distant lands offering princely hospitality in an inimitably enchanting setting- a Heritage Hotel in the finest traditions. Fort Chanwa has Forty Five authentically renovated rooms ( with attached bathrooms) each different from the other.

Major attractions in Luni

Fort Chanwa of Luni is an exceptional example of elegance and symmetry in Indian architecture of the last century. The entire fortress is carved out of the famous red sandstone of Jodhpur and with its ornately carved lattice work friezes and intricate “Jharokas”, it exquisitely captures the romance and grace of a bygone age. The fort is composed of a lyrical complex of courtyards towers, water, wheels, stables, passages and unexpected stairways to secret pavilions and panoramic roof tops spanning the village below and the Thar horizon beyond.

The traditional paintings on the walls harmoniously reflect the skill of the master craftsmen and the bygone days. The village of Luni nestles in the shadow of the Fort walls and is a hub of activity with its many artisans fashioning metal, clay or wood into intricate forms and demonstrating the skills passed down over the centuries by their ancestors.

Climate :

The climate in Luni is semi-arid. The best time to see the excellent nearby forts falls between October to March, when the weather is quite pleasant. Geography and Climate. Luni It has an average elevation of 232 metres (761 feet).Temperatures are extreme throughout the period from March to October, except when monsoonal rain produces thick clouds to lower it slightly. During these periods of heavy rain, however, the generally low humidity rises and this adds to the normal discomfort from the heat. From November to February, luni is warm to very warm during the day but pleasantly cool at night.

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How to Reach Luni
Nearest railhead and airport is of Jodhpur (35km away), which is connected with every major Indian city.

The nearest railway station, connecting it with all the major cities of India, is also at Jodhpur.

Buses and taxis are also available from Jodupur and Jaipur.


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  1. Luni is also known for the bangali sweet Rasgullas. Luni’s Rasgullas r the world famous.
    Luni is the best education point also. Here r two best school
    first is Saraswati SR. SEC school and other is Balaram Adrash vidhya mandir sec school. both r reputeded schools. nearby village most students come to study in these schools.

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